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“Fallen cops” will soon become “Forgotten cops”


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)

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ONCE, its news stories will simmer down, they’ll eventually be forgotten.

 THAT’s always the case, when bloody incidents of such a magnitude, like what just occurred in Maguindanao on Sunday(Jan. 25), wherein over 60 lives— most of them were policemen composing the PNP’s elite Special Action Force(SAF) in the region, and  whose main base is situated in ZC, perished when they supposedly had a ‘mis-encounter’ with the armed elements of both the renegade BIFFs and the MILF separatists whose separate strongholds are based  in same secluded village in one remote town of Maguindanao Province.

MAGUINDANAO is again placed in a bad light, since the infamous Maguindanao massacre about three years ago that shocked the world, as more than 30 journalists of the over 50 fatalities were mowed down like sitting ducks while on a convoy en-route to Maguindano main poblacion for registration of their one potential candidate out to challenge the mighty political dynasty of the Ampatuans in the said province in the 2010 elections.

NOW, another Maguindanao massacre episode unveiled, and this time, their victims were cops out there on their delicate mission—to arrest/neutralize a high value target/s with a $ 5 million lofty bounty on their two(2) heads believed as Jemaah Islamiyah(JI) bomb experts from the neighbor countries of Indonesia and Malaysia.

 AND, a lot of sweeping accusations and/or insinuations just popped up—hinting that because of the huge price tag on their heads, it was meant to be a top secret mission, hence, the supposed lack-of-coordination lapses arose.

SOONER or later, we’d even be hearing afterwards that both camps( the GRP and the MILF) would be blaming each other for such supposed lapses. (That, we hope won’t go that far).

THEN, it’ll end up to nowhere—until, finally it’ll simply die like a natural death.

NOW, our top brass in the PNP has pledged they’ll will accord all their slain cops with the highest honor/s— equivalent to a gold cross medal/s in the AFP, in its posthumous awarding rites dedicated solely to all of those fallen policemen who gave their lives for their country.

THAT’s always the usual rituals, if and when our soldiers/ policemen excel in their so-called heroic exploits, a price so dear to pay, as they lost their lives in such a senseless and barbaric manner.

OUR two negotiating peace panels(the GRP and the MILF) were known as locked in a series of peace talks for years now, still in pursuit for that elusive lasting peace that the whole Mindanao region has been longing for.

 ITs only hitch out there is the need for the passage of the proposed BBL, and its eventual enactment into law by both chambers of Congress.

HOWEVER, with the latest bloody incident in Maguindanao, its discussions have been put on halt, momentarily. As to when it’ll restart again? That, we don’t know as of yet.

LET’s all keep our fingers crossed that such peace efforts won’t simply go to the drain, at all.(30)

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