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Cong. Lilia: Lamisahan has now P45m budget


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) Barangay eMedia joins with the rest of the country in mourning for the slain 44 SAF members. These same officers were those who fought for and defended Zamboanga, when the siege happened last September 2013. They are dear to our hearts.

We continue also extend our condolences to their families. We pray that God will heal their hurts. We encourage, always that He who had begun a good in us will continue to finish them until the day of His Son. God is faithful.

Barangay eMedia wishes to bring comfort to our City by featuring this one good news, especially to our rural residents in Barangay Lamisahan. In those long hours inside the VIP lounge in EAAB, one of the passing important discussions that our local leaders did audience to PNoy, according to Cong. Lilia, is the immediate fund to be released for the rehabilitation of the bridge in Lamisahan.

Cong. Lilia shared this good news on Friday, January 30, during her program in Barangay eMedia. Accordingly, about P45m is the promised fund PNoy spoke. Though, he instructed further, that the City engineer must ASAP send all the necessary papers to Malacañang to complete the requirements.

Hence, good news it is for Barangay Lamisahan. The pitiful state of this very friendly and lovely outskirt did eventually reach to the attention of the country’s Chief Executive. Of course, we also must thank for the efforts of our local officials. Mayor Beng is a party-mate to PNoy, thus, any request she may petition to him will always have greater weights.

Cong. Lilia also, for months, did already work out the needed assistance in Manila tirelessly and without sounding trumpets to draw praises from the people. Lamisahan is under the district 2, it is Cong. Lilia’s jurisdiction. Baranggay eMedia knows Cong. Lilia very much, she always work whole-heartedly and with full dedications.

Lamisahan will only have to wait a little more time. A short due process must need to be given way patiently, as any bureaucracy does, for its completion. Therefore, residents there soon can already have their better days.

Children can then go to their classes without fears to fall to the river, farmers will soon bring their produce to downtown conveniently, or the locals themselves can anytime visit the City’s center as often as they can. Let’s remember, the Lamisahan folks are also Zamboangueños.

Despite of the recent failure of PNoy’s strategy, on its other hand, his visit to Zamboanga did also actually bring some blessings to a number of our locals. There were actually two—the possible purchase of the local government of the Lupong Complex from the National government, and the said P45m budget to be released soon for Lamisahan.

As days go by, it is now clearer that PNoy’s coming to Zamboanga was actually primarily to present to the media, and the world, the supposed capture of those two bomb experts. It was accordingly a mission that only a few knew which he ordained, even Roxas, the DILG Secretary, and Espina, PNP OIC, did not know it.

If the said mission did instead succeed, it could have been a real pogi points to PNoy’s leadership, not just domestically but internationally. However, it failed because of the notable flaws in its planning which can also be attributed to PNoy himself, said former Sen. Lacson in an interview.

The PNP obviously, at the moment, is demoralized because of the incident, and to include even PNoy’s cabinet. A rumored hearsay somehow is now proliferating that Roxas may resign from the cabinet anytime. Whereas, Espina in an interview pressed to ask in strong words, why his colleagues were shot in their faces?

In the “articles of war” of the UN Security Council, it is provided that in any engagement, human rights must be observed. The overkill the rebels did to the fallen SAF is unjustified, such was very inhumane.

Those same acts manifest of an apparent problem of control of the MILF leaders amongst its regulars, if BLL to be successful, the MILF leadership must prove, in good faith, that its members can obey them anytime.

In the BBL provisions, MILF regulars will be absorbed in the AFP for another integration, similar to the MNLF before, to give way for its new autonomy. But how can the greater majority in Mindanao expect good fruits of our government’s efforts to bring peace in the land of promise if such a problem of submission still exists? Thus, it is then a great challenge to its leadership to prove to everyone that its organization has indeed the quality it takes.

“But he, knowing their thoughts, said to them, ‘Every kingdom divided against itself is laid waste, and a divided household falls.’” (Luke 11:17, ESV)

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