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ELONG’s booting out a “Blessing in disguise”


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)

JEALOUSY is one of the evil fruits that comes from within.

AND, this is amongst them that should be driven out from within us.

ONE verse in the Scripture that proves that jealousy is evil: “for you are still controlled by your sinful nature.  You are jealous of one another and quarrel with each other. Doesn’t that prove you are controlled by your sinful nature?”(1 Corinthians 3:3).




SACKED (Dist. 2) Councilor Roel “Elong” Natividad won’t just take it sitting down—when he was ‘unceremoniously’ stripped of his two major posts in the August Body during its maiden session on Jan. 27. BOOTED out as the council’s majority floor-leader and as its Chair on the committee on Peace & Order, as well, “Elong”(as he prefers to be simply addressed) said he’ll ultimately have the last laugh on the issue.  A TOP source close to the embattled city councilor, said the twist of events that happened in the city council during its maiden session, was, however, a “blessing in disguise” for the topnotch city dad from district 2.

“Ciguru, tiene gayot divine intervention cunele, cay mira tu Jun, ese position de paka majority floor-leader, bad omen gayot se maskin cuando(Perhaps, it’s a divine intervention on his part, because being a majority floor-leader is always a bad omen in the council),” the source bared.

I asked why?

“Hinde’ ba manada ya dispidi paka majority floor-leader del conseho?(Isn’t it most majority floor-leaders of our council just had their strange untimely passing?),” he divulged.

I was staggered by such revelation.  

BACK to my earlier tete-a-tete  with Councilor Elong:

Elong: “Tiene gayot alli yaman mani-obra, para keda mahina’ c (Mayor) Beng, kay yo komo poste d (Mayor) Beng. Cay maskin cosa ay pasa, cun (Mayor) Beng gayot yo,” the veteran councilor from district 2 swore.

Natividad was the only bet under Beng’s LP ticket that won a council seat in the May 2013 local elections.

LET’s see what’ll happen in next regular session of our sanggunian panlungsod on Tuesday morning (Feb. 3). Will the August Body proceed with its supposed plan to further make changes or reshuffle of its different committee chairmanships, so as not to make it awkwardly appear that they just singled out Councilor Natividad for obvious reasons?



DIST. 1 Councilor Noning Biel III last week manifested his position for the August Body not to rush the passage/ approval for the city’s implementation of its newly-completed modern Integrated Bus Terminal(IBT) early this year.

“Para mi Jun, debe anay studia embuenamente cunese, cay manada pa lli nisisita discuti,” Biel said.

ONE of which, according to Biel, is its proposed terminal fee in the amount of P15.00.

BIEL said other city bus terminals don’t resort to still exact terminal fees from passengers for its terminal use.

“Dol umalin se canaton, cay otro gane’ maga bus terminals na mga ciudad, hinde’ na ta cobra, y aura kita ki’ ay cobra pa gayot?” Biel rued.

“Tupao tamen, cosa ba se? Only in ZC?,” aba c Bogs ya abri ya tamen su matabi’ boca.’

“ Dol mata pobre yaman gayot ste ciudad diaton? Man parke lang diaton mga vehiculo’ o motor, paga’ ta cobra pa gayot canaton, mia’ lang paga’ pa gayot. Ta ase yaman gayot canaton puga’ ki. Ta pastija’ ya gane’ diaton mga vivientes ki na mga crisis, y aura talli ya tamen se cobrada. Di kien pa gayot se ideya,?” c Ador ya su  pregunta tamen.

“Hoy, no menta cun mi idol!” otro ste c Nado de monte, ta suspecha pa.

 Ay amboott!@

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