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Lack of intelligence and operational consistency


(BY: REX G. MIRAVITE) Whatever is the reason why the car bomb exploded infront of the Guiwan Bus Terminal on January 23, 2015 that killed 2 victims and injured 54 others could be attributed to the failure of local officials and law enforcement agencies to effectively maintain peace and order in Zamboanga City to protect the life and property  of the people.

Let us go back to basics.

Strategies never become obsolete.

A simple strategy of more than 2,000 years ago by Sun Tzu, a Chinese strategist which says “know yourself and your enemy” will never come outdated.

With due respect what is happening these days is that we only know ourselves but we do not know our enemies.

We cannot catch criminal elements by simply conducting mobile patrols in city streets.

Our policemen prefer to ride than to go on foot patrol to locate the hideouts of criminal elements in urban centers and in rural areas.

This is an organizational problem because most of our policemen if not all are degree holders and are reluctant to walk to patrol.

Lack of effective gathering of information and lack of anti-crime campaign will result to never ending explosion in the city and occurrence of other heinous crimes. ##

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