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Heroes now home


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) It was a sad day last Saturday, January 31, when the 4 of the fallen SAF members were home, though in coffins. Their demise was a real loss to our nation but their sacrifices will surely not be forgotten. Their dedication and heroism are already indelibly curved in the history of our country.

Our local officials, the PNP, the SAF families and the media were there at the airport to meet the heroes’ bodies. Everyone didn’t care the heat of the sun at that moment, just in order to be able to give their last tribute to their fallen heroes. Partner Ely Dumaboc and his companions, from Barangay eMedia, were the ones who covered their arrival.

If we would ponder their selfless sacrifices, we also could be pressed to focus forward because their deaths must not be in vain. Those who massacred them will feel their success if we would lightly concede to the deaths of our heroes by succumbing to fear and failure.

However, if we stand and continue the reason and the cause—which is patriotism, of their sacrifices, our heroes in their celestial abode now can feel complete satisfaction because their endeavors indeed lead to a good fruition.

The struggle in Mindanao will still go a long way, as obviously the recent setback placed the peace negotiation, of the government with the MILF, in an odd situation. Many were already very positive for the ultimate expected transition of the BBL to be the eventual answer of the peace problem in our island, but that went off so soon after the massacre.

The different sentiments of our people today, not just the Mindanaons but the entire Filipino people, can be a point to lead the little more delay of the thought fast and smooth process of the passing of the BBL to become an actual law. A couple sponsors of the said bill, in the Philippine Senate, even withdrew their support.

Their actions are deemed to be an implied giving-up of their support from their previous passion to help the enactment of the BBL. The MILF cannot also blame those legislators because they are not robots which can be programmed or dictated to follow one’s demands. The massacre, surely, did cast a definite doubt in their brilliant minds to the sincerity of the MILF.

What will be the choice of the greater majority of the people here in Mindanao but to demand the MILF to prove then their sincerity to the peace process, one cannot avoid to presumed, that now as they are not yet in power, they start to already trespass the pact, what more when they will be in the position.

However, the MILF leadership started to respond positively to the demand of the Philippine government to prove their sincerity, like the turning over of the perpetrators to the authorities. They seem to submit to such demands in the name of justice.

What happened in Maguindanao was a crime that must be addressed carefully which the liable will have to pay the consequences. Our justice department shall then be engaged to such a very high challenge to bring again balance of the tilted justice last week. The offenders must pay or be punished of their crime.

“For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Roman 6:23, ESV

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