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“The fallen”


(BY: BOVIC LUCERO) One of the powers of the State is the enforcement of police protection as an arm of the justice system for the security of its citizens. It is proactive and reactive in the fight against criminal activities. This dictum is well-established in all constitution of any country which guarantees the right of all individuals to peacefully cohabitate with each other without which the preservation of our way of life as we enjoy it cannot prosper.

With the modernization of our society where systems and transactions goes high tech, so does criminal activities with the use of new technologies, always trying to outpace  and outsmart the “smart systems” the government has to offer that always keep our law enforcers up in their toes. However, it seems like the government, to some degree, is winning the battle against criminalities regardless of how much time it takes, the long arm of the law will always catch up with the perpetrators.

One serious crime against humanity is the senseless killings of people for selfish causes through the use of improvised explosive devices that when it goes off, it does not recognize its targets, be they men, women or children, regardless whether they are involved in their causes or not, lay dead in a carnage the victims will not understand. The ones responsible for making those ticking bombs are priorities of our law enforcers to put behind the bars of justice. The costs of collateral damages are already way too high.

The men and women who comprise our police and the military forces are faced with daunting tasks in preserving innocent lives. They are constantly trained and their arsenals are upgraded to meet the challenging threats they are faced with. We cannot say we have invested so much on these people as no amount of money can compensate the risks of lives and limbs they try to give up just so the ordinary citizenship can go on living the best way they know of, i.e., fearless and without rancor.

Amid allegations of corruptions among their ranks, the people need to trust in them to perform their job well lest we want to put the law into our own hands and see the demise of our society. We have limited choices but to instill discipline, full trust and confidence in their organization.

Countless have perished and still more will face death in the line of fire all in the name of duty and honor for country. The higher echelons of government may be finger-pointing blames and experiencing selective amnesia and dodging bullets, a familiar phenomenon in our midst nowadays, while the lower ranks have faced the music with bravado and dignity worthy of martyrdom.

My sincerest condolences to the families and relatives of the slain SAF members. No amount of words can soothe your feelings and your losses. But, be assured that your losses are the gain of our country. I thank you for my way of life! They may have fallen, but their bravery and honor will always be remembered in the annals of history!

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