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As expected, there will be investigations


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) It is the unanimous cry of the entire nation this time for a true justice to be meted for the death of the 44 SAF members. Such is now a real pressure that PNoy cannot suppress. Thus, the creation of the recent Truth Committee, but as early as today, the same committee is starting to receive early criticisms by the people as to be biased.

Obviously, the emotions of the Filipinos are yet so high, that even a group that was objectively formed to address the alleged injustice is now already prematurely criticized. But can the authorities blame the critics, for the latter, like the families of the slain SAF, are as well hurting! It seems that their present feelings, for them, are deemed to be their way to express patriotism.

Anyways, to who shall be the members, of that said committee, are presumed not to be easily affected by any ordinary cynicism of the public. In fact, the same critical view of the people can even become the investigation’s indirect check-and-balance for its fair and unbiased outcome.

Recently in the news, there are some issues that are quite provocative, and probably, as an opinion, they can be good points to consider as part basis for the initial inquiry of the Truth Committee. What do you think? These are the following:

· A high-ranking official of the MNLF remarked that there was no misencounter in Mamasapano, camps of both the SAF and MILF fought to their best, hence, to the MNLF’s view, it rather was a legitimate encounter. Such a statement does also have a sense, knowing that the MNLF, due to the BBL, is a particular present critic to the MILF.

· The MILF denied accountability of the alleged misencounter, that its regulars only engaged as a defensive action. They reasoned that those same SAF members entered to their lairs without the government’s coordination. This line seems to be already a very-overused or totally redundant, in more than a week now. However, it can also be another point.

· Many are now urging for the suspended PNP Chief to come now to open, to also speak all those he knew. Even the Malacañang is also urging him.

Where is Gen. Purisima now by the way? Believably, his statements can be real words from the horse’s mouth. Presently, few speculations are actually spreading that somehow Gen. Purisima is being withheld, because his apparent testimonies may incite worse disgusts of the public against the President.

By personal opinion, Barangay eMedia believes that the General must be enjoined, by either the Congress or the Senate, to come out to open that he can be able to shed lights on his personal knowledge of the alleged failed operations which accordingly only he and PNoy did know about it. The public is more than eager to know the truth.

The knowledge of truth is expensive. Often it is even evasive for those who hunger or thirst for it. However, the persistence of the majority can cause its revelation on its timely moment. The present situation of today, as a consequence of the sacrifices of the 44 fallen SAF, is now shaving off any human effort to suppress the truth.

In due time, the real chronology of events will be known by the entire Filipino people. Then such truth will definitely shake any politicking, and it shall lead our country to another level for an eventual another change. The Philippines is not a stranger to change. Since 1986, we already have gone to different dozens of transitions.

Everything is like a volcano which is about to erupt anytime, that even the highest power of the country cannot control them. Events in our nation today are happening so rapid. As ordinary people, all we could do is to watch and, probably, also to pray for our leadership and countrymen.

“Jesus said to him, ‘have you believed because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.’” (John 20:29, ESV)

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