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ABATON explains OFWS’ driver’s license woes


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)

THE Light will always overcome the darkness. There are many in the darkness, wanting to see the light, but don’t just have the chance to search for it. But, once, they know that they’re in the light, they’ll never want to be in the darkness, anymore.

THE Bible says: “God is light, and there’s no darkness in Him at all.” (1 John 1: 5). Email:



IN my recent chitchat with Zamcelco board director Vic Liozo, JR., he revealed to me that power coop’s much-ballyhooed 16 modular gen-sets that became a hot issue last year, will finally arrive here, probably by next month of March or April.

DIR. Liozo, said if and when all these gen-sets will ultimately be transported in here within the mentioned timetable, and therefore ready for their full operation, the blackouts that we’re anticipating this coming summer, will be well mitigated.

    Bueno era.

THIS blackout issue has been there since Adam.

AND, there are even several sectors in our own community, expressing their continuous incredulity if ever we can amply address such a perennial crisis like this in our midst.

POWER crisis is here to stay for as long as Climate Change remains not only existing, but worse, aggravating day by day, as we can’t fight mother nature at all.

THE best alternative or option there’s yet available for us all(humanity), and in-fact the most effective, even though, gravely overlooked, is to square it off—not by means of any man-made solutions or formulas, but it can only be aptly resolved by following and obeying only God’s will, from now on.

THE only alternative there’s still left for us, is to address Climate Change by restoring our Spiritual relationship to God.

 IT can never be solved by any secular ways and means, but by only returning back to God, our Creator.

 AND, we can start off re-establishing our good rapport with GOD—completely, cut off from the very beginning of our creation, as man went up against God, by disobeying his will, and there and then, commenced our being a sinner in the sight of God.

You know what I mean?



LTO-9 regional director Atty. Aminola “Alex” Abaton, when interviewed just the other day, answered queries from our OFWs, working in all corners of the globe— particularly on how to go about their existing driver’s licenses acquired abroad, and whether or not they’re valid once they return back home to their country here.

DIR. Abaton explained that there are certain prerequisites to follow, so as to smoothen the processing in securing their driver’s license here in their own country.

“Cun balikbayan, at walang driver’s license sila doon, they’ll have to start like the rest here, by first securing a student permit and next step, is they can now secure their non-pro driver’s license, or they have the option to secure their professional( driver’s license) back home here.

“Kailangan, personal if they want to acquire their driver’s license here, because they have to take the necessary examination, seminar, practical test, so they’ll have to personally secure (their driver’s license),” Atty. Abaton explicated further.

NOW, if they have their own driver’s license secured abroad, then they have what Dir. Abaton termed it as “Conversion” of their foreign driver’s license” into ours here— although, there’s a need for them to qualify such acquisition.

“It’ll not preclude us to do so. That’s the only way we can recognize their contributions to our nation’s economy through their huge dollar remittances,” underscored Dir. Abaton. 
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