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It only fell to a car’s hood


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) On Tuesday, February 3, Kap Fred Atilano did some important transactions at the City Hall. He parked his car just in close proximity while he did his business inside the City Hall. Now, on his way back to his car, after when he was done, he only heard suddenly a noise of something a falling steel, he never thought that same steel actually fell to his own car’s hood.

Kap Fred didn’t burst in anger, though. Instead, he sighed a thanks to the almighty because it did not either hit him or any passing pedestrian. That same place is a busy street everyday and at any time, situation could have been worse if Kap Fred’s or other cars were not there parking, because chances were more pedestrians could be passing that stretch.

It happened in an afternoon where many students were already coming out from their classes or other citizens doing business inside the City Hall. The incident must have taught the authorities concerned some important lessons—that not just to check but to already repair dilapidating street lights which are only waiting to fall more parts or debris and eventually hurt humans than just cars.

Many of our streetlights are already in need for rehabilitation. They’ve been standing for years and yet there never since a major repair done to those steel-slender posts. Those same posts have already stood against typhoons, the elements and even the siege of 2013. There is no wonder that plenty of them are already defective and need attentions.

Why is that, our government cannot show much importance to busted utilities not until an accident do happen or worse when it catches human tolls? Take for example—weeks ago some four old and worn-out posts fell along the Tetuan Highway. Good nobody was harmed on that fateful dawn.

ZAMCELCO soon repaired those electric lines and posts, very quickly. But what if the authorities instead did already repair those dilapidated utilities before they ultimately broke and, thus, at least did not anymore pose threats of different accidents? Taking into account that those same fallen posts of ZAMCELCO have also resulted different traffic accidents in our City’s streets on that day due to the congestions the repairs created amongst motorists everywhere.

When do you think can our concerned public officers learn, or until when this seeming cycle of complacency amongst them can continue to drag slowly, as in the manner of their responses to fix busted things? After all they are anyhow paid to do the works professionally and efficiently.

Kap Fred was promised by the City Hall to fix his affected hood. Well, that kind of stuff is only an easy thing because it just involved an ordinary body repair of a car. But what if that same steel-part fell and killed a passing student in that vicinity? Can financial assistance perhaps quantify the loss?

Broken light-posts are in number all over the City. Let’s just hope against hope that none of them may fall to already claim human lives. The little destruction to Kap Fred’s car must be already enough to teach us the lessons. Baranggay eMedia is pleading the City Hall to immediately give the necessary attention to the different broken street-lights in Zamboanga.

A human life is irreplaceable to any monetary assistance. Nobody can bring it back by just giving alms of P50k. If we can avoid the loss of life in the future by being responsible today, then let’s do such attitude because the same is an exceptional virtue, both to the eyes of men and God.

“You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.” (Psalm 23:5, ESV)

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