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“Mother of all corruptions”, said Alavar


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) Hon. Mike Alavar is one of Zamboanga’s new councilors, under the 2nd district of the City. He is the present chairman of the Committee on Agriculture in the City Council. Many can attest that the councilor is a hard-working and a dedicated man. In fact, Barangay eMedia is a witness to how Alavar is willing to dirty his hands, literally with the soil, when he goes to visit his constituents to teach them to become effective farmers.

He also has a program in Barangay eMedia, on a weekly basis with Partner Rey Bayona Bayoging, which is dubbed as Agri ni Bay. In their program they feature state-of-the-art farming which actually does not demand more expenses but with only minimal investments, however, the lower capital enhances more the potential harvests of our local farmers.

He is able to do it because according to him, farming has been his passion. The good councilor came from the affluent family of the Alavars in Vitali and in downtown. He’s been a professional farmer and a consultant on farming to several times before he decided to enter into politics. No wonder, his inclinations in the City Council are always onto the agriculture and fishing.

Recently, Councilor Alavar exposed a national project in Barangay Sibulao—under his district, which he categorically branded as the mother of all corruptions. Everyone was surprised when he made the expose, because Alavar is a soft-spoken type where one can most of the time mistook him as a total harmless person.

Alavar is indeed nice, but he only was able to remark to that said expose because he found a so much irregularity to this certain dam project which is supposed to help 200 hectares of rice puddies in Sibulao, and accordingly the project was funded by millions, but the farmers in the place complained to him that they never did benefit even a drop of water from the said dam.

Thus, it angered Alavar and he brought the issue to the open. Anytime, a serious investigation will be conducted to ascertain his allegations, and if it will be proven, sure administrative and criminal cases will be filed against public officers who are involved to the alleged corruption.

The project is undertaken by the National Irrigation Administration (NIA). Zamboanga City is ailing for a short supply of rice from its own production. Hence, the City becomes dependent to the local imports from other provinces of Sibugay and del Sur, and not to mention the smuggled rice from Malaysia.

If the supposed dam project did just succeed and started to operate, it could have been a great help to augment the rice shortage of the City. Here also another presumption, we may not be totally dependent to rice importations, and much, Sibulao farmers can supposed to be benefiting limitlessly the project.

The government has so many projects and plans to alleviate the difficulties and poverty of our countrymen. Most of these undertakings are in the area of infrastructure to boost the capacity of the Filipino farmers and fishermen. However, corruption is the one that often kills the honest intention of the State. In the process, who are injured more but the weaker Filipinos who are supposed to enjoy the government’s reforms and programs?

In the age of technology and media, many can’t believe that open corruption can still happen to a metropolis like our City, considering that the reservoir of critical eyes are all here. If Alavar’s allegations can be proven true, such corruption will again be another symptom exposed in our sick bureaucracy.

We thank though for men who still have the courage to collide the seeming impregnable walls of corruption in our country, like Hon. Mike Alavar. It is the reason that his constituents have already committed to his endeavors and do also love him because he always stands by them to protect their rights and lives.

Alavar was the guest in the program “Quosa Ba? Kumbersa!” of Barangay eMedia yesterday, where he explained further to the hosts—GM Belsie Agustin and Partner Philip Abuy, the alleged corruption of the dam project in Baranggay Sibulao.

“Behold, the Lord’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save, or his ear dull, that it cannot hear; but your iniquities have made a separation between you and your God, and your sins have hidden his face from you so that he does not hear.” (Isa. 59:1-2, ESV)

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