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ARE those birds’ droppings in downtown safe or not?


(BY: JUN FELICIANO)  (Words of Enlightenment)

WHEN working, do it the way the Lord wants us to do for his glory. AND, when doing that, then great will be our reward in heaven.

THE Bible says: “Work with enthusiasm, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.” (Ephesians 6:7). Email:



City Health Officer Dr. Rodelin “Rodel” Agbulos early this week advised the public here to take all precautionary measures to avoid viral infections that are prevalent these days due to Climate Change.

“This is our major concern now. These viral infections are usually coming out during summer days. But, as early as December, we already noticed them coming out, like chicken pox, sore eyes and etc., because of the sudden change of weather. While it’s very hot here, but if we go to Manila, it’s cold there. Because of the change in our body temperature, our body resistance is being weakened. And if so, we become prone to infections, especially when dehydrated,” Dr. Agbulos bared.

HE urged folks in here, to always drink a lot of water- at-least eight (8) glasses of water daily.

AS to the presence of the so-called migratory birds in our downtown section, Dr. Agbulos bluntly stated: “Experts are saying these are residential birds, going home here in our city. They’re not very dangerous, but just try to avoid (their droppings) if going to downtown. We can’t find out if they’re clean or not. Just avoid getting hit by their drops.”

Acaba ya kita! Hinde’ man gale’ asegurao c doc c safe kita cunestos o hinde,” ya abri boca ya tamen c Bogs.

“Ta acorda pa yo, ci doc ya abla cay safe dao stos mga paharo. Aura dol duda man le cunestos?” c Ador ya acorda pa.

“ Ese c doctor Agbulos, dimi idol se.”

Otro ste c Nado, de monte gane’ gayot bos! Idol lang siempre el cuento deste! Espera boss!



RARELY, can we expect lot donations for the city nowadays. But, one good Samaritan donated a portion of her lot in Brgy. Boalan for a road right-of-way.

 HOW magnanimous she is!—considering the value of the real estate practically anywhere in our high-urbanized city, has tremendously gone up.

I MET her together with a staff of our City Legal Office(CLO) in the BIR office here (at Pettit Barracks) on Thursday morning, to formally make the deed of donation official to our city.

I salute to this lady lot donor Ñora Emmie Alaba! May your tribe increase in mi ciudad! (30)

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