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A planned oust to the Aquino gov’t.


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) No less than the former Magdalo Capt. and now a senator—Antonio Trillanes, bared to the public yesterday a planned ouster to the Aquino government by his political enemies. According to Trillanes, this group is mostly dominated by PNoy’s political rivals who wanted to position themselves right away earlier than the 2016 elections, and to take advantage the present situation of weakness of our country to advance their agenda.

His statement implied that this same group is subtly garnering sympathy from the hurting Filipinos, AFP and PNP officials through the perfect situation of the recent Maguindanao massacre to lead another EDSA stage, but now a version 4. Allegedly, they have people, money and connections, if they will just be left without a certain measure PNoy to take, they could succeed.

Why is that, did the country already mutate to already adapt to always resort to a people power once they don’t like the present administration? That ain’t anymore entertaining! Our country needs real reforms that won’t just assure the national security but also our national economy to ultimately overcome the most dreaded enemy of the Filipinos which is poverty.

Neither communism nor the Moro rebellion in Mindanao is the actual adversary of the Philippines, there are only, candidly, two—corruption and poverty. Why these plotting people cannot help our government to fight our real enemies, but instead advance their personal ambitions through the expense of the majority’s ignorance?

Barangay eMedia has been featuring about these stuffs at least four days after the Mamasapano incident. We seem to also smell such stench through some of our connections both here locally and in Manila. By personal opinion, we agree to what Trillanes said that PNoy has real lapses, but he is a good man who still deserves our support.

Who doesn’t have mistakes or is already perfect after all! Allegedly, this group, plotting against the Aquino administration, is renowned to have a good record of amassing wealth from corruption. And more of all, these plotters do not have good hearts. They plan to oust PNoy by taking advantage the high emotions of the people.

Other experts call such attitude as the “Absalom Syndrome”. It is an attitude of betrayal to one’s erring mentor by his own students through stealth and clandestine actions. It easily overthrows an incumbent government by attacking internally and not externally through disloyalty.

As ordinary citizens, we cannot anyhow comment further but only to react a little to the revelation of Sen. Trillanes because everything is still hearsay. However, if it could be true, its repercussion can surely wreck havoc against us all. Definitely, Mindanao and Zamboanga City will also be affected.

Yesterday, Capt. Pablinas, of the SAF 44, was already brought to his perpetual rest to a private cemetery in Tumaga. Many attended his funeral. The entire Zamboanga welled out its lamentations in the passing away of the young hero. Surely their sacrifices cannot be forgotten.

The recent confirmation of the US government that Marwan was indeed the cadaver shown on TV as the killed-in-action by the SAF operation in Mamasapano, at least, did give a little justice to the death of the SAF heroes. For PNoy’s failures, it also redeemed a degree.

Admittedly, if we can as well be in the shoes of the President, do you think we cannot commit a same mistake? If we are to contemplate, his responsibility is so huge that a little error cannot be hidden to the eyes of millions.

“The righteous flourish like the palm tree and grow like a cedar in Lebanon. They are planted in the house of the Lord; they flourish in the courts of our God.” (Ps. 92:12-13, ESV)

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