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We’ll have Cabatangan, by all legal means


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) Last Friday, February 5, was a full day. At 8AM, Atty. Vic Solis called-up Barangay eMedia to address an issue which he is very knowledgeable of. Atty. Solis generously shared some of his wisdom on the issue of the Cabatangan Complex in lieu with the paramount passing of the BBL.

Very nice to know that high profile personalities, like Atty. Solis who is now basing in Metro Manila is also watching regularly Barangay eMedia via online. At present, our viewers are now reaching to 1.4 million globally. Atty. Solis was monitoring Barangay eMedia and the topic discussions Partners Rey Bayona Bayoging and GIL Climaco talked about last Friday, thus, he was able to share some of his views.

Before the BBL can be enacted, according to Atty. Solis, the Cabatangan Complex must be returned to the National government then Zamboanga City can already buy it from the National government.

As ordinary citizens, Many Zamboangueños are pretty apprehensive for the City’s total peace and order situation when the BBL will become a law. This same issue is now the talk of the town.

There is no real Zamboangueño who is not worried or concerned on the outcome of the BBL. Nobody can perhaps blame us because we experienced so much in the past which imperiled our lives, that inasmuch we wanted to avoid any replication of them in the future.

A couple of examples were the 2000 hostage taking of the MNLF Misuari faction in Cabatangan and the 2013 siege of the same group. Who would want them to happen again? An added power to certain groups does raise real concerns to the Zamboangueño people. Hence, inasmuch, early as today, our local leaders are endeavoring all preventive measures to avoid such scenario.

Who doesn’t want peace? In peace we can live prosperously and happily. Our families can sleep soundly at night without apprehensions. Good for those who have more money because they can just easily leave Zamboanga and transfer to another place. There are a number whom I know who already did because of their apprehensions of our seeming volatile peace and order situation here.

But I’m talking about them who only have enough or even barely enough in life, whose real lives are only here in the City. These same folks cannot just easily roll their mats and transfer to another place. Hence, with all their best they may preserve the good life here.

Cong. Lilia Nuño also mentioned in her program last Friday that if the necessary transfer of the Cabatangan Complex may be slower than the BBL, she will do all of her best to include the said transfer in the BBL itself, only to enjoin the Republic to do it. Our City must be grateful to law makers, like Cong. Nuño and Cong. Lobregat, who are not sleeping but are objectively responding the seeming legal impasse.

Senator Cayetano and the rest, in the upper house, changed their minds recently, in terms of support, to the BBL because of the Mamasapano incident. It somehow opened the eyes to many of our legislators who hold the momentum of our future. They also won’t want to be blamed by the future generation if, God forbid, anything gross may happen because of some laws they enacted without considering other angles, such as the case of the BBL.

“The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters.” (Psalm 23:1-2, NIV)

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