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A family of crimes!


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) The Sinunuc Police Station—PS-10, accidentally busted an entire family, last weekend, whom they discovered as involved to different criminalities. What started as a drug raid, ended up for the PS-10 officers to discover other heinous offenses committed by this said family, both here in Zamboanga and in the Basilan Province.

PS-10 commander, Police Senior Inspector Hingming Ladjaali, is establishing a good name since his assumption to office in Sinunuc. He doesn’t care whom he collides, if one is involved to any crime he catches without hesitations. Hence, this one recent big bust gave another plus to him and the PS-10.

According to Barangay eMedia reporter Partner Joseph Zosobrado—he was assigned to cover the story, the PS-10 officers were to raid a drug den in the West Coast. The same suspected drug pushers felt the presence of the operatives, thus they were able to leave the place so quick, yet abandoned many of their things in disarray that turned to be crime evidences.

From the place, the police officers kept into custody a number of stuffs as evidences, including a single motorcycle. However, no sooner, a woman went to the PS-10 to claim the said motorcycle, alleging that it was pawned to her by another man, who is owner.

Doubting that the claimant was only making-up stories, PS-10 requested her to bring the real owner to the station before they could release the motorcycle. The said owner showed up, but when the police officers checked if he has any police record, everyone was surprised because it wasn’t just the man, but also the woman! But later, the same police officers found out that the woman and the said owner of the motorcycle are actually a couple.

Through the follow-up investigation, it also was further discovered that the same couple has a son who, as well, has a standing warrant of arrest for murder in Maluso, Basilan. Hence, without adieu the operatives proceeded to arrest the same son who is in his late 20’s. He was apprehended in the area of responsibility (AOR) of PS-10.

Many are saying that the son is actually also a gun-for-hire person who is allegedly feared by many residents of the nearby barangays of Sinunuc. Accordingly, he crisscrosses Basilan and Zamboanga to kill persons whom he is paid for. Probably, a number of shooting incidents, committed in the streets of the City, were his acts.

It is uncommon that an entire family can be involved, or are in understanding, to commit criminalities. Inasmuch, parents are giving good examples to their children because of their moral ascendancy they pose to the latter. Can it be because the actual trade of the parents is the sale of the illegal drugs, thus, that as well did influence the son?

Criminals think, in the commission of their crime, that the arms of law cannot anymore catch them one day, or that they have that common feeling of impregnability, like superman, for apprehension. Such false notion pushes them to a more vulnerability to the full force of justice. Hence, was the end of this family—incarceration!

They must hire a very good lawyer to help them invoke their substantive rights, and they should have bigger cash to defend themselves in the court of law. Their cases are all heavy weights. The people of the Philippines do have the greater chances to see their redress when eventually the same offenders may become convicts.

Without a doubt, PS-10 and PSI Ladjaali will again be commended for their outstanding performance as professional policemen. Zamboanga City and the Barangay eMedia are also proud of them. If all our public officers are only like PS-10 folks, a faster progress can surely happen in our country.

“O Lord, in the morning you hear my voice; in the morning I prepare a sacrifice for you[a] and watch. For you are not a God who delights in wickedness; evil may not dwell with you.” (Ps. 5:1-4, ESV)

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