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Rep. Nuño wants BBL to succeed


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“WE want to make it sure, that everything is in order,” stressed Dist. 2 Congresswoman Lilia M. Nuño on the BBL issue when interviewed on Friday.

SHE said that so much money, time and efforts have been spent on the BBL , “and then all of a sudden, it’ll be declared unconstitutional? This is the reason why we don’t like that the BBL will reach the SC, and be declared unconstitutional,” she expressed her apprehension.

WHILE the suspension of the BBL is done by the Senate, the Lower House, according to the motherly city solon from the east-coast, moves on with its thorough discussion.

“We really want the BBL to pass, as this is the only vehicle to lasting peace in Mindanao. We don’t want this to go to the SC, only to find out there are certain provisions that are unconstitutional. That’s why we really need to discuss the BBL very carefully,” she further added. 

BUT, Congress has yet to await the final report on the Jan. 25 Maguindanao massacre of the 44 members of the PNP’s Special Action Force. And, the deadline for its submission was yesterday(Monday), according to Cong. Nuño.

THE dist. 2 lady House Rep. cited one of the contentious provisions found in the BBL that Congress has to meticulously look into.

AND, this is with regards to Public Safety and Security, “Because this is a very delicate matter we have to consider,” according to her.

THERE are many doomsters, however, having a dreary scenario on the passage of the BBL, and are even calling on the national leadership to scrap it and even dump it completely following the Jan. 25 brutal killings of the SAF elite forces reportedly by the combined BIFF and MILF heavily armed group in Mamasapano, Maguindanao.

THE SAF sentries were out on a special mission— that was to get a high value target, and in this case, JI terrorist Julkipli Fid hir alias Marwan, with a $5 million bounty on his head, when virtually waylaid by a large number of rebels in the area, and murdered them en masse.

AS this developed, government troops stepped up their anti-terrorist drive in Sulu on Friday— killing eight(8) ASG guerrillas, while 12 soldiers were wounded. The heavy clashes occurred in the village of Patikul around midday.

“Poreso, dipicil tene kita paz ki, cay talli se mga Abu Sayyafs, mga NPAs, mga lost commands, puera pa se BIFF y mga disgruntled MNLFs, ta mira tu bosing, tene gayot kita genuine peace ki?” c Bogs ta duda.

Korek ka dyan!(30) 

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