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LTO-9 clarifies delay on licensing process


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LTO-9 regional director Atty. Aminola “Alex” Abaton on weekend, sought the indulgence of all those transacting/ following up their pertinent papers at their licensing center, “to bear with us, as our licensing equipment medyo na sira( bogs down), but we’re doing everything to have them repaired as early as possible.”

IT was learned earlier that there has been a delayal in the processing of driver licenses for quite a while, and that many applicants have been issued a temporary driver license that’s not in plastic or laminated, but merely in paper.

THEIR so-called ampi-service/ laminated machine was supposedly due for a major repair, and work on it is being done in Metro Manila, yet.

“Technically, mabagal ang processo natin, but we’re hoping that their repairs will be expedited to already normalize the operation of our licensing center here,” the good LTO-director explicated.

“But, eventually, it’ll be back to normal, kasi may commitment naman sila that they’ll expedite their repair works. We’re hoping that hopefully by next week, they’ll already send them back here to stabilize our operation in the licensing section,” Dir. Abaton further added.

EXCEPT on licensing, all the other sections in the LTO-9 here, are continuously of normal service to the public, according to Dir. Abaton.

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TF Karne confiscated 123.8 kilos worth P23,500 of ‘hot meat’ recently, and on orders of the city veterinarian office, they were buried for safety measures.

 “These meat did not undergo meat inspection and the Office of the City Veterinarian ordered them to condone and dispose the meat by means of burying,” declared TF Karne team leader Amelia Amar. The confiscation was done for alleged violation of our City Ord. # 93016- establishing and regulating the use of the slaughter house.

IT was found out that owners of the confiscated meat didn’t have the necessary meat inspection certificate which is a prerequisite.

TF Karne has issued a stern reminder to those engaged in the meat business to have their animals butchered at the slaughter house in Brgy. San Roque. The city’s slaughter house now collects P72 per hog and P152.40 per cattle.

  “Ya mira sila bueno el negosyo de karne, poreso, ta cobra ya sila aura slaughter house fee. Nuay gayot awa’ na pobre negotiante de karne,” one meat merchant rued.

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