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No marches in La Bella


(BY: BERLIE G. YAP) The entire City was placed to a red alert yesterday because of the influx of many suspicious looking individuals roaming around, and also the rumored rally of the MILF to be held here. The police are doing them for precautionary measures, the siege last 2013 had taught us hard lessons that when hearsays pass for any irregular movement of groups mustn’t be taken lightly.

If you remember, weeks prior to the siege, there were also relative rumors circulating that the MNLF Misuari faction was to perform a political march which was, accordingly, to converge at the City Hall. Indeed, MNLF regulars came to Zamboanga by the hundreds. It was then that fateful Monday dawn where the first gun shot was fired. Those slain SAF troopers in Mamasapano were the first to engage the armed group.

Now, there is that another hearsay yesterday, which is similar to that “march-thing” last 2013. Should we and the police themselves only take them lightly as many did on the siege? Is the hearsay instead already the actual military intelligence knowledge and even contained more information which our authorities are only keeping from us that we cannot panic?

Barangay eMedia learnt earlier that in Isabela City, Balisan, a group was to conduct a peace rally for the BBL, which a number of the participants are also MILF regulars. Thus, one of our reporters, Partner Ely Dumaboc, was sent there to cover the event.

Partner Ely was able to interview one of the important figures of the organizers. The man said that there were more participants from other provinces and cities to join the said peace rally. They were doing it simultaneously with the rest amongst the key cities in the country.

Those same “more participants” were to pass Zamboanga before they could reach Isabela City, via local boats plying to Basilan. They are the crowd our local authorities probably were monitoring within these past days.

However, in the said simultaneous nationwide peace rally, Zamboanga is not included. But earlier of yesterday, in an a live interview via phone in Barangay eMedia, Mayor Beng categorically and explicitly explained that there can be no rally to be allowed in any part of the City without any prior permits.

If you were downtown yesterday, you could smell the atmosphere of alertness everywhere. In the afternoon all elementary, secondary, and some tertiary classes were suspended. Students then were happy, some of them even had the chance for an escapade to celebrate early the Valentine’s Day their way, with their special ones. In such a case, parents were cheated by their grown-ups!

The investigation hearing in the Senate beginning Monday has rippled more sensations. There were obvious lies all of us can’t stop but to notice as committed by the subjects of the inquiry, just probably to cover-up some failings amongst our high officials. To mention a couple—the denial of no beheading that happened to the SAF troopers and the number of casualties from the MILF allegedly have reached to 250, which was right away denied by the MILF and was confirmed to be only less than 10 persons.

The whole country is following this investigation. We hope that there can be no whitewashing of the real truths which took place 3 weeks ago in those corn fields, for the sake of the heroism of the slain SAF 44and their still mourning families. If such will be pressed by those who are accountable, it can become unacceptable gross insults to the Filipino people themselves!

“For your obedience is known to all, so that I rejoice over you, but I want you to be wise as to what is good and innocent as to what is evil.” (Rom. 16:19, ESV)

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