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WHY the jitters these days?


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)

GOD’s masterpiece is his creation of man, his own image manifested in the physical form. This is the reason why God wants to dwell in human being, and not in any other form of his creation.

“Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.”

“What?”, the Jews exclaimed. “It has taken forty six years to build this Temple, and you can rebuild it in three days?” But when Jesus said this temple, he meant his own body.” ( John 2: 19-21).  Email:



WHAT’S happening to our city? Why the hell, it appears like everybody is jittery these days right in their own hometown they call the only one they have in the entire world?

WHERE is that protection and security, as supposedly guaranteed by our own constitution to our people?

AND, where are our local gov’t leaders we voted into public office?

EXCEPT for a few, perhaps, like our very own lady Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar who looks like she needs ample help and support from her peers in public service in mi ciudad, the rest are virtually with their tails down below in-between their two legs. For they’re nowhere to be found out there—by assimilating with their own terrified constituents in dire need of help, for it has been proven, as ever, that they’re the big losers whenever major crises, both man-made and natural, arise in the community.

LIKE what happened this weekend, when a large convoy of supposed peace advocates, numbering about a thousand, in support of the Bangamoro Basic Law (BBL), tried but to no avail, entering our city. They were prevailed upon not to proceed with their supposed peace caravan in mi ciudad by our law enforcers from both the PNP and AFP guarding our portals in the east-coast.

THEIR scenario just reminded me when the then MNLF chieftain Prof. Nur Misuari, in the early goings of their peace talks with the burgeoning gov’t of newly-installed President Cory Aquino in late l980’s and early 90’s, tried to force his way— bringing  along a phalanx of heavily-armed MNLF followers on board their convoyed vehicles— to ZC, when promptly halted before he could cross the bridge of Sibugay by the AFP forces on orders of then Southcom top officials led by its Commander Gen. Cesar F. Tapia.

I could vividly recall its then deputy Comdr., the late Marine Brig. General Arturo Asuncion, instructing his deployed marine soldiers over the military radio, “If they insist to cross that bridge, I order you to open fire!”

ASUNCION’s stern order was issued while a  momentous Change-of-Command affair was going on at the Edwin Andres Airbase(EAA), at that time. I was with other wire stringers, covering that event when the late Gen. Asuncion gave the order on the spot.

MISUARI, sensing danger stalking him and his heavily-armed group on a big convoy, decided to back away, and a would-be-bloody confrontation was eventually avoided.

THOSE days were described  as a highly critical period in the aftermath of the EDSA 1 (People Power) that forced into exile the country’s then strongman, the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos who ruled the country as President for more than 2 decades.

ASUNCION later died in a chopper crash, along with his bodyguards, when about to take off at the Isabela AFP base in nearby Basilan Province in the early 90’s.

IT was the height of the post-martial law dark days that saw a series of coup attempts on the Cory administration in which her young son then, Pres. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, was hurt and his 3 bodyguards were killed when rebel soldiers indiscriminately shot their vehicle near Malacañang that was under heavy attack by the coup plotters led by then renowned renegade Army Col. and now Sen. Gregorio Gringo Honasan.

COINCIDENTALLY, it was then AFP junior officer, and now resigned PNP Chief Allan Purisima, who came to bloodied P-Noy’s rescue, and saved his life by rushing him to the hospital.

GEN. Purisima voluntarily stepped down as PNP Chief amid the bloody Mamasapano incident that saw the massacre of the 44 finest members of the PNP Special Action Force(SAF) allegedly by the joined BIFF-MILF strong forces in Maguindanao last Jan. 25.

PURISIMA, accordingly, intervened in the operation that, nonetheless, managed to hunt down a high value target, in the person of JI terrorist Julkipli Bin Hir alias Marwan with a $ 5 million bounty in his head.

 MARWAN was confirmed dead by the US government through his DNA sampling that reportedly matched that of his brother now imprisoned in the U.S.A.

“Poreso gale, hinde’ gayot puede deha c Noynoy cun Purisima, cay debe grande  c P-noy gayot cuneste  c Gen. Purisima,” aba c Bogs ya combersa.

“Trabaho se di-ila protecta hente porke man debe fabor el Presidente cunele,?” C Ador ta protesta.

“ Ave Purisima!” na c Nado ya entra cuchara mal labaor ya tamen na cuento.

AY amboott!@   

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