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118 couples wedded by Mayor Beng


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) On Thursday, February 12, the PAG-IBIG agency with the City Hall helped 118 cohabiting couples for years—who didn’t have the benefits of marriage, to be wedded by Mayor Beng. It was a sight to behold when such an exceptional crowd, in the Hall of Astoria Regency, exchanged vows of “I Do” to each other.

The couples’ children were also there around to witness the wedding of their parents. Some felt excitements because at last their dads and moms are now officially one, both in the eyes of men and in the eyes of God. But others, who are really now grown-ups, felt a rather awkward feeling. Nonetheless, they, too, are also happy like everyone else.

Legally, wedding is very essential due to these few important truths—it gives the legitimacy to the born children, and one’s immediate family will become the automatic primary beneficiaries to his social security and insurances.

You just imagine, how it is to children when they grow-up and in their birth certificates it is emphasized that they are illegitimate, that because their parents did not actually marry. Or (I’d say though that God forbids) when any accident may happen to a person, his/her spouse cannot make the necessary applications for the benefits.

These are few of the neglected considerations couples in cohabitation fail to see in their initial decisions. Marriage is that important. Undeniably, our generation today has evolved to be accepting the “dating status” as a choice on relationships. They seem to be contented to only live together without marriage. It is a lifestyle in the West that had influenced many Filipinos now.

The 118 couples must be very happy, for the endeavor of the PAG-IBIG Zamboanga City, in giving them the chance to tie their knots inexpensively. One of the reasons why couples today opt just to be contented to cohabitation is because of the cost of weddings nowadays, especially if the couple wishes to have the marriage pretty special.

A good wedding today may range from P100-500k! Some may think that it could be a good saving if they will not spend it but just to decide to only live together. They justify that they do such for practicality reasons. Anyways, everyone has his own choice to which he wants. We always have our own rights to decide for things we want for ourselves.

Nonetheless, if we choose cohabitation and not marriage, we cannot avoid legal consequences which for the present, we may not be feeling its effects. But surely one day, such reality may demand its toll on us. The definite disadvantage then can be—things could be already too late.

By personal opinion, it will be better to wed first than to feel sufficed to live in cohabitation and think that nothing is significantly different to the two. Besides, God blesses a family who are joined together by the law of heaven and the law of earth. Peace and joy are beyond comprehension to such satisfaction which any person can have.

For the ladies, don’t agree cohabitation, because you usually are the losing party, especially if your husband is a soldier or a policeman. Much are the disadvantages for your would-be-children. Demand to your man marriage, for the sake of your and the children’s security.

“Marriage is to be held in honor among all, and the marriage bed is to be undefiled; for fornicators and adulterers God will judge.” (Heb. 13:4, NIV)

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