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Feeding the children of Tumaga & Boalan


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) The Paint Trade Center and Barangay eMedia went to feed some less fortunate children in Tumaga and Boalan on Saturday, February 13. The two entities did it as an expression of their social responsibilities to the people, as the duo is en-gifted with a degree of fortunes they also are returning a relative goodness to the needy.

Very nice to see the children excited receiving the volunteers bringing their decent meals. It is how the balance happens in our society when some are blessed more than the rest, who only have less, can be helped. It is wrong to be selfish because everything we have is only a stewardship.

Hence, is the reason why there are different civic organizations around in our City whose members are business people, professionals and other stakeholders who express or share their social responsibilities to their other countrymen who only have less in their lives! There are so many needy people around whom we could touch anytime, if we only have the hearts.

It had scattered rain showers last Saturday, but it did not stop the volunteers to share their time to the two barangays as beneficiaries of the outreach. Commitment is quite an essential ingredient when an endeavor is volunteerism by nature. Without it, attempts can’t succeed to reach the needy.

One of the best to be helped is the children. It is so for one good reason, children are vulnerable, and they are the best to be helped. One cannot tell those whom we sometimes touched can be a future mayor or congressman in Zamboanga then. Indeed, none can tell what the future may bring.

As they say, we ought to help impartially everyone because one cannot determine up to what depths we are affecting a person’s life, or it even could be possible that such help we sow may even result to preparing a young life to become a future leader or a catalyst few years later. No one can tell, indeed, nobody.

If you spend few hundreds to help others, it’s always worth it. After all, we can draw for other temporary pleasures, which candidly do not have actual impacts, let alone to help the less fortunate children. Besides, the sense of fulfillment you can garner is priceless.

There is no enough amount of sacrifice that can equal to the happiness you can reap when you help other people. Another thing, we don’t perform them everyday anyway, of course we also have our personal obligations and responsibilities. A feeding outreach or a love drive is a special day we a lot out from our busy schedules for others.

“One who is gracious to a poor man lends to the LORD, And He will repay him for his good deed.” (Prov. 19:17, NIV)

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