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CITY Administrator’s Office clarifies “Lechoneros” issue


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ZCPO director S/Supt. Angelito Casimro yesterday expressed his utmost appreciation and thanks to all the citizenry here— including the force multi-fliers and the barangay officials “as they helped really secure our Valentine’s Day, last Feb. 14.”

CASIMIRO bared that such a red-letter day in our calendar, historically bloody incidents erupted. 

IN 2005, there was a powerful bomb explosion (in ZC)—thus such a red-letter day should better be kept under close guarding by us all, according to him.

“Last Feb. 14, the pubic observed a very tranquil and peaceful celebration of the Valentine’s Day. Both our Christian and Muslim (populace) spent Valentine’s Day in restaurants, parks, churches. Thanks, for their vigilance and cooperation,” the good natured police colonel entreated.

“Debe lang man ayudahan kita. Ayuda kita na pulis, y el pulis ayuda tamen asegura’ diaton seguridad y protection,’ aba c Bogs ya combersa.

“Hustu cosa c Bogs ta abla, bosing,” c Ador ya segunda.

“Mio se idol c Col. Casimiro,” na c Nado, idol ya tamen dao suyu c Col. Casimiro. Ese lang bos sabe, todo yalang debos idols, terrible gat boss Nado!


ON reports about supposed recruitment by the MILF in ZC, Casimiro said, “I received info about recruitment of the MILF in other places, like in the provinces, but there’s no verified report about such (an MILF recruitment) here in ZC.”

“Nicisita lang kita extra-vigilant, and see to it that we help our law enforcers address such a security woe in our own backyard..



WELCOME back Dr. Elmeir Apolinario!, the city’s risk reduction management OIC, and concurrently  the Asst. City Administrator.

DR. Apolinario arrived just recently from Japan where he attended a month-long training workshop on disaster preparedness along with other key officials from other places across the globe.

 The affair was sponsored by both Japan and South Korea.

“On Friday( Feb. 20), we’ll have a symposium with the other concerned lead agencies like PHIVOLCS, PAG-ASA( weather bureau), and to be attended by our concerned barangay officials, of-course our City Mayor Beng Climaco- Salazar will be there to discuss more on our disaster preparedness program,” Dr. Apolinario revealed.

Dr. Apolinario also clarified certain concerned issues, like this ‘brouhaha,’ involving the office of the City Administrator, with regards to the raging issue it has had lately with the city’s “lechoneros” association.

DR. Apolinario confirmed that the City Administrator’s Office under Jun Orendain had received last week the petition letter addressed to her honor City Mayor Beng Climaco- Salazar, coming from the “lechoneros” association here under Sta. Maria brgy. captain Abe Tan.

KAP Tan, in an earlier interview, said they’re petitioning to the city gov’t for a reconsideration on their plight, after TF Karne required of them— to strictly comply with the city’s existing ordinance to the letter, including having all their slaughtered hogs roast right there at the city’s slaughter house in Brgy. San Roque.

IT has been temporarily put on a status quo, until the city will have its own roasting facility, according to City Veterinarian Dr. Mario Arriola, in a separate interview last week.

TAN said how they wish the city council would address their predicament by resorting to introducing amendments to certain provisions in the said ordinance.

ON the part of the office of the city administrator, Dr. Apolinario yesterday expressed optimism that a win-win formula could yet be reached through a proper dialogue.

 “We can sit down with them for a dialogue. I’m pretty sure, that we can arrive at a win-win solution to this problem” Dr. Apolinario said.

Ansina, bueno! (30)   

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