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One outpost at last


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) Many did not know it or at least did not notice it. Accordingly, there was no assigned military or police outpost in the boundary between the Zamboanga City and the Sibugay Province, at Barangay Licomo, not until a commotion happened last week, when a bigger number of vehicles were paving their ways to enter the City to conduct a peace caravan to support the BBL.

Many of those travelers were families or really MILF regulars from the different parts of Mindanao. Thus, because of their alarming number, hording the portals of Zamboanga wishing to enter towards the City, the local authorities had just their mind opened for the necessity of such an outpost, and immediately.

It was shown in Barangay eMedia, through the actual coverage of its own field reporters to how pitiful was the situation of our policemen and military who were dispatched to post a 24/7 checkpoint in the area. At night, the same contingents would have to walk few meters to a concrete waiting shed of the Sibugay Province to rest at night.

There was actually, after all a small dilapidated makeshift at the side of the Zamboanga City boundary, but its standing cannot help to ease our uniformed men if they wanted to rest. Hence, the opposite side which is owned by the Sibugay Province was more preferred.

Our policemen and military personnel are also human beings who as well need a degree of comfort if their bodies succumbed to a night’s rest. Though, said contingents, up in the boundary, are by shifts when they post to duty at the checkpoint, yet after their shifts, their body do still seek at least a place to lay down without to be wet or be exposed to the night’s elements.

Thanks goodness, however because a local in the boundary volunteered and was willing to lend few square meters of his property for the City government to be able build an emergency concrete outpost in the place. We are talking here about a vital place which can determine the total safety of the populace downtown.

Many rumors are circulating now that countless of evil elements are just lurking around and are only waiting for their perfect timing to inflict again a harm to Zamboanga City. Would we remain to be cozy and lethargic or indeed endeavor to perform precautionary measures that to its best, we either can protect our City or totally avert the evil plans from wrong elements?

It took to be the Capt. Rodillo Castor Famulag himself, of the 21st Special Forces of the Phil. Army, who personally made the inspection of the place to put up then the permanent outpost at Zamboanga-Sibugay boundary, and in coordination with the Vitali Police Station. Believably, the local military did such endeavor on the direction of their higher officials, whether from the WesMinCom or the Manila headquarter itself.

The impending troubles in Mindanao are undeniable, as the fate of the BBL hang in the balance of the legislators’ doubts of the MILF’s sincerity. God forbid that more bloodshed may mar again the relative tranquility in our island. Armaments and war are not the answers of our problems here in Mindanao, it is peace.

But it seems an actual legal deadlock is rising in the Congress for the passing of the BBL to become a law. It may take for a real miracle for its positive developments. Many are crossing their fingers, including the Barangay eMedia, because once it fails everything and everyone shall be affected.

“While people are saying, ‘Peace and safety,” destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.’” (1 Thess. 5:3, NIV)

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