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What, a call to resign?


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) Barangay eMedia wasn’t anymore surprised when a full-blown plan to oust PNoy was recently bared by his party-mate Senator Sonny Trillanes. Just few days after the Mamasapano incident, Barangay eMedia right already heard some hearsay circulating around for the ouster of PNoy.

What is controversial though, to Trillanes’s revelation, is the involvement of a former DND Secretary, as a high-profile personality, in the unofficial movement. From the standpoint of an ordinary citizen, it is obvious that the said movement is tainted with some degree of political motivations.

PNoy has been the worst critic to the former president which even led, the former’s abhorrence, for the latter’s hospital arrest. In fact, it could be probable to presume that unless PNoy can be out of power, there will definitely no chances for the latter to be free from a sure imprisonment.

These are all opinions anyway. Nonetheless pictures which are now coming into place, are more than just too coincidence to happen as only ordinary. Trillanes knows how to smell them right away because he’s the chairman of the intelligence committee of the Senate, and not to mention that he also had once staged a coup-d-tat against the former government.

Trillanes’ version is an expose of a coup-d-tat plot at the early stage against PNoy, but the former DND Secretary denied such allegation on a national TV interview. He rather explained that what he is involving with is only a civil society movement expressing their rights of discontentment oagainst PNoy’s failures.

But he never denied his hopes that the PNP and the AFP soon, as organizations, may eventually join or rally around their common sentiments to call the resignation of PNoy. What happened to our country? Did our past experience somehow mutate our nation to always resort to a people power when we ain’t anymore contented to the government?

Filipinos are highly emotional. This is what the opponents of PNoy have discovered to withstand against his seeming unbeatable record of a better president. Mindanaons have already enough worries to think in our island. This national subtle call for PNoy’s resignation are added unwanted pressures to us here at the South.

Undeniably, religion has played a great part of how many significant changes in our country. And here we go again, another similar shadow is clouting behind the said present movement. PNoy, somehow, did already offend the church deeply when he favored the RH Bill. It was a big NO that signaled a future strong opposition against him by the church.

Hope this seeming deadlock can be dealt by the authorities peacefully soonest as possible. PNoy’s political rivals see them as opportunities. But for the greater majority, who are the ordinary Filipinos, they are grave disadvantages because they will directly affect the country’s economy, hence, pushing more the Filipino masses even to a deeper poverty and hardships.

Men with political ambitions feast over PNoy’s successive failures as an opportunity or unexpected ammunitions against his leadership. Another, if it will continue to be like this, other enemies of the state may take advantage the situation and thus, imperiling more our country.

These past few weeks are not so good for the Filipino people. Can there still be a way where these clamors of disgust against PNoy be ended peacefully? Our country must continue to grow economically to finally defeat its worst enemy which is poverty. For such a way to be followed there should be peace in our land.

“In this case, moreover, it is required of stewards that one be found trustworthy.” (1 Cor. 4:2, ESV)

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