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Mushrooming of sikat-sikat deplored!


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)

OUR Almighty Father in Heaven sees only our spirit, as He’s a spirit. Without the Spirit of God, with only a body and a soul, we’re still dead in His sight. God sees what’s within us—whether our heart is pure or not. This is the reason why we say, when completely in Obedience to His will, “My heart is fixed and my mind is made up.”

THE Scriptures can attest to this: “People judge by our outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” (1 Samuel 16: 7) Email:



 MY good friend Jojo from the sangguniang panlungsod, has, up to now, begrudged the fact that our barangay officials are plainly inutile in so far as containing the sprouting of the “sikad-sikat” in numbers, is concerned.

JOJO narrowly escaped the Inevitable(death) when he figured in a road mishap last Monday vs. one of the many sikat-sikats traversing the national highway of Brgy. Guiwan— resulting to a minor injury in his right knee.

“Porcausa Sir Jun, dol bien manada ya gayot kita ki sikat-sikat, taman sumpit lang c quiere sila man u-turn, o derecho travesa. makamiedo gayot kita cunestos!,” He griped.

“Embes kita mira taxi yak i, o mga otro moderno transportation para de pasahero ki, el maga sikat-sikat man ta riyena ki kanaton na ciudad. Aki lang man se canaton na Zamboanga tiene de-este clase de samuk na camino,” he rued.

Deberas se cosa ya observa ste Jojo.

Only in ZC!



I ATTENDED pretty late the city council’s regular session last Tuesday morning(Feb. 17), and was in the middle of their long discussions, though its agenda for the day was that brief— when somebody from the back row, sitting near me, glumly remarked: “ Takeda largo di-ila session cay mas manada el mga pogi points di-ila. Instead of going straight to the point, ay ke manada pa gayot pasa kalye.”

ESE pa! 

Poreso gale’ c Ramon dol bien cunambre gayot el forma, un trago lang el hamburger ya dale cunele. Dol palta pa gane’ kel, hinde ba Mon?

Akacaba ya kita este!


Really? The city incurs every month a billing from Zamcelco amounting to P 4 million a month? My goodness!

Keber gale se!

HOW come?

IT was one  damned disclosure made by GSO head Engr. Rene dela Cruz, when invited to the council last Tuesday morning

to shed light over supposed complaints brazenly denounced by our constituents for having many defective street lights in the city.

Keber gale se el gastos del diaton ciudad? P4 m is P4 m in just a month. And if you multiply that amount into 12( meaning a year), how much will it cost, huh?  A whopping 48m!

THIS is taxpayer’s money just going to the drain.

Whata’ wastage!(30)  

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