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Low key top city official proves his mettle, at-last


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)

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I WAS in Brgy. Cawit last Wednesday morning, and what a timely visit to the said coastal village in the west-coast, with its Brgy. Captain Rey Modillas and his kagawads around attending to their constituents.

WHILE there, Kap Modillas advised me to just while away my time as they expected a very important visitor— a top city official.

THEN, minutes later, a convoy arrived and guessed who this top city official making his round in the west-coast?

“Primo,’ taki man tu?” he greeted me in chabacano as he entered Kap Modillas’ office. Kap Modillas was still out of office— attending to police matters, as I gathered from him an akyat bahay suspect was arrested by the police earlythat day, and that  his presence was needed at their police station.

“Prims,’ tu gale’?” I answered back while pretty captivated by the music program of radio station Wild FM(91.5), I was listening through my touch screen (cherry mobile)  cellphone, ke asta aura, bobo pa man touch. Nusabe asta aura palpa. Ampara yalang!

 “Primo’, puede kita man interview?” I solicited his indulgence.

“Ok lang Primo,” he acceded.

With my minute digital tape recorder, the interview began:

Q).“Ok, taki c Consehal Jerry Perez, ke aura el nuevo chairman na komite de peace & order alli na conseho. Ketal el pas y orden diaton prims?”

A.) “Una, quiere yo Saluda cuntigo primo’ y cun Letty Militante( our lead Anchor-woman on our 12noon to 1pm daily, except Sunday, News FM(a public affairs) program y dituyu mga uban na programa. Amo gane’se, ta anda kita na mga barangay, na 98 barangay, na Este y na Weste, para mira embuenamente el seguridad diaton. Hinde’ lang na centro del pueblo, asta na mga barangay tamen. El diaton PNP y Militar ta abla kita canila ase gayot embuenamente na bisyada na seguridad del diaton ciudad.”

Q.) “Ta mira tu, asegurao diaton seguridad na Weste tambien, komo aura ya sabe kita apretao el seguridad ne Este, este tiempo desde ya puede el diaton pulis man intercept mga suspechao MILF y MNLF alli parte boundary del Tungawan y Licoco del Feb. 12?”

A.) “Aki na Weste, taki el diaton Special Forces del PNP y tambien del militar. Estaba kita del otro dia na Labuan, y masken dinoche ta mira gayot kita el seguridad diaton  mga barangay, desde Este asta Weste. Hinde’ lang el mga pulis y military, asta mga barangay officials – man ayudahan kita todo.”

AMID my interview with the Liga Ng Mga Brgy. President, and Chairman of the council’s committee on Peace and Order (Councilor Perez), Cawit Brgy. Capt. Rey Modillas arrived in his office with a number of visitors who happened to be the brgy. officials of Kap Modillas’ neighbor barangay of Recodo.

Councilor Perez begged me to cut short my on-the-spot interview with him as he was attending to another major concern—to dialogue with all these brgy. officials present, who seem to be at odds amid the supposed current survey being done by an out-of-town survey team to finally set up the city’s political boundary in the near future.

BY next issue, I’ll try to explicitly relate to you what transferred in their pretty long meeting that somehow heated up in the middle of their dialogue. 

Meantime, that’s all for now. Thanks guys.(30)

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