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(For transparency sake): SEN. Villar’s rice smuggling probe is open to the public


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Sometimes I judge or criticize others.” Do not judge others, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn others, or it will all come back against you.” (Luke 6: 37)



AT-LEAST, three city councilors were bold enough as they spoke through the media, their all-out support of Sen. Cynthia Villar’s coming here to thoroughly look into the supposed rice smuggling mess occurring right here in our city.

MAJORITY floor-leader (Dist. 1) Councilor Charlie Mariano, (Dist. 2) Councilors Percival Ramos and Eddie Saavedra were all in one and united for the senate probe body of the lady senator, who chairs its committee on Agriculture, that in this hearing, the truth should better be unraveled— to spare the innocent and punish the guilty ones.

“I, for one,wants this to be a marathon public hearing so that the truth will ultimately come out,” Mariano underscored when interviewed by this corner yesterday.

BOTH Councilors Ramos and Saavedra chimed that this probe hearing of Sen. Cynthia Villa shouldn’t have vestige of a possible cover-up or whitewash, at all.

IN lieu of the Villar probe hearing on the supposed rampant rice smuggling activities in ZC, their council’s regular session is being cancelled to pave the way for the Villar inquiry body to tackle comprehensively and methodically the issue, so as to be able to get into the bottom of this supposed rice smuggling sting.

“We’ll postpone our regular session tomorrow( today, Feb. 24) to give way to the Cynthia Villar senate probe body to investigate exhaustively this rice smuggling mess. We welcome this in-depth probe of the good lady senator,” Councilor Ramos enthused when interviewed, as well.

THE Sen. Villar probe hearing on rice smuggling uproar will be held at the Marcian Garden Hotel, Gov. Camins Ave. ZC and will start at 9am.

THE probe hearing is open to the public for transparency sake, according to Councilor Mariano.

“The media, is very much welcome as we want this to be very transparent,” Mariano exhorted.

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