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(Rice smuggling senate probe) “I’M not satisfied”- Kim Elago


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)

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“I’M not satisfied. Nuay cosa ya pasa lla (Nothing happened there). Nothing has come out from that probe hearing,” dismally noted by Dist. 2 Councilor Juan Climaco “Kim” Elago II with regards to the Sen. Cynthia Villar inquiry public hearing on the supposed rampant rice smuggling activities that was held on Tuesday morning(Feb. 24) at the Marcian Garden Hotel, Gov. Camins, ZC.

 ELAGO, who was one of the members of the city’s legislative body here that passed a strongly-worded council resolution addressed to the senate committee on Agriculture and Food chaired by Lady Senator Cynthia Villar, revealed that only those known reports were tackled by the said Hearing, “and those were same reports we keep on hearing about. There was nothing new, at all.”

“Ya bene lang ele(Sen. Villar) para sabe lang le ese mga reports, “but she didn’t come here to listen what the people knew about.”

WORSE, according to Elago, “ those infos were kept confidential from them. Nuquiere dale cunel mga consehal(They refused to furnish copies of those reports to the us (councilors).”

ELAGO hinted that what should have been unraveled in that probe body were the contents of those intel reports gathered by the military and police that supposedly contained a list of names of those allegedly involved in the rice smuggling scam.

“Alli para sabe era kita, maski ace na un executive session,” Elago  said.

“For purposes of addressing the rice smuggling woes, nuay se susede na hearing( nothing came about in the hearing,” the city dad from Brgy. Tetuan rued— adding that with this sickening development, as nobody has dared to come out and file cases against those supposedly implicated, rice smuggling in  ZC will continue unabated.

WHEN asked what could possibly be the  next move of the council if only to relentlessly run after rice smugglers in the city, and even in the entire Region-9, Elago said “Cosa pa man?(What for?). Cay el mismo Senadora Villar tiene miedo investiga, kita pa gaha’?”

Ese pa!

Abaho gayot el rabo diaton gale. Ay makarisas, pensaba kita real, akel gale pampakita lang gale.

“She should have let people submit those reports to her much earlier, so that when she was here for the probe hearing, hinde pa questiona, kete questiona. Investiga ya gayot y file mga caso, c grande el evidencias, para resolbe ste problema de rice smuggling,” the veteran city councilor quipped.

AMONGST our top city officials conspicuously present during the Sen. Villar rice smuggling probe hearing were the following: Lady Mayor BENG Climaco-Salazar, our two House Reps.(Dist. 1) Cong. Celso Lobregat, Dist. 2 Congresswoman Lilia M. Nuño, VM Cesar Iturralde, our city councilors, officials and/representatives from the different line agencies having to do with the anti-rice smuggling campaign and the media sector.

NUAY lang nada ya susede lla, porke pa ya ase se clase de resolution na conseho?

That was just a big waste of time, money and effort on our part.

“Nuay lang man gale cosa ya pasa, pues de lukuras lang gale kel investigation? De pogi points lang gale’ kel?” rabiao c Bogs.

“Yaman grandstanding lang todo lla, bosing,” c Ador bien disgustao.

 “Mio idol ya combersa lla?”

Otro ste c Nado, kuentoy lasang lang siempre. Bien buwsitt lang siempre bos!” Regaño ya tamen ya encontra este hente de alla, alla. Ay ambottt!(30)

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