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Fallen 44 congressional hearing venue for grandstanding


(BY: REX G. MIRAVITE) The main and principal reason why the house of the Senate and the House of Representatives conduct Congressional hearings is in aid of legislation.

After the Mamasapano operations conducted by the PNP Special Action Force (SAF) against international terrorist Marwan and his local counterpart Basit Usman on January 25, 2015 that resulted to the death of 44 SAF Commandos and the killing of Marwan several investigations were conducted by different agencies to determine causes of the debacle and liability of commanders who planned and executed the infamous operations.

The Board of Inquiry (BOI) was created by the PNP and the DOJ has its own investigation.

The Senators and Congressmen have initially conducted separate congressional hearings purposely in aid of legislation.

But before any agency has started its investigation practically all vital information on circumstances surrounding the unfortunate incident have already been divulged to the media, confirmed and reconfirmed top brasses of the PNP and the AFP and the MILF.

The commission of lapses and blunders appear deliberate all in exchange for secrecy, including disregard for proper planning and lack of sufficient time to conduct appropriate exercises on simulated targets to include the type of terrain.

Everything was started wrong and end up to a fatal defeat of the Fallen 44 in the hands of the MILF and BIFF.

The questions on Aid of Legislation by congress.

Can congress pass a law to improve tactics and strategies in the AFP and PNP?

Can congress legislate policies on coordination, standing operating procedures on chain of command among AFP and PNP unit commanders?

Can congress pass a bill to improve operational plans of the AFP and PNP and attain the highest level of performance?

All these factors affecting the duties and responsibilities of the AFP and the PNP are inherent in these organizations.

Then what AID of legislation are they talking about?

Therefore congressional hearings on Fallen 44 were conducted more on grandstanding rather than in AID of legislation. ###

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