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Mt. Pulumbato as a landmark


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) Zamboanga City celebrated its 78th year—as a charter City yesterday, February 26, since September 23, 1936, through the Commonwealth Act No. 39. Many have changed through the years, but La Bella has ever been a leader in Mindanao, in terms of many things, well, particularly in commerce and trade.

Though other cities in the island also sprouted here and there, Zamboanga still remained to be such a unique city, as also then the first in Mindanao. Another one of a kind quality Zamboanga City has, is its very own language—Chavacano, which is only spoken here.

There is actually another city in Cavite which also speaks a similar one, but because of the predominance of the Tagalog language, such relative tongue is now sadly dying, giving way to Tagalog. But not the Zamboanga’s Chavacano, and never will, it has remained to be alive and still influential. According to Cong. Celso, the globalized Zamboanga is the unique Latin City in Asia. It makes sense.

Barangay eMedia yesterday invited a quite knowledgeable person in the history of our City, and has as well ouches of blood from his forbears in the prestigious making of Zamboanga. Hence, we had Councilor (Atty.) Kim Elago. He indeed educated hosts Partners GIL Climaco and Rey Bayona Bayoging in the early primetime morning program yesterday.

Councilor Elago is a nephew of the previous City Mayor Jose Vicente Elago II, whose same genealogy is traceable back to the Subanen royals in the City even way during the pre-colonial time. Very nice to hear such lineage, it refreshes us to some good old real history of Jambangan or Samboangan, the original former name of Zamboanga.

Subanen people are the original inhabitants of the Zamboanga Peninsula. In the case of Zamboanga City, Mt. Pulumbato was their sit of authority. Back earlier even before the coming of the Spaniards, the Subanen folks had already their own legislative, executive and even its judiciary system in Mt. Pulumbato.

Laws are enacted in this legendary mountain, the Datus also lived there, and complaints are heard and settled as well in this same place. These stuffs are written as part of the colorful history of Zamboanga in different history books. Where is Mt. Pulumbato anyway? It is up in Pasonanca.

A beautiful plan is somehow spawned, according to Councilor Elago, to formally set, by legislation, Mt. Pulumbato as a special place, maybe for pilgrimage, tourism and the relative. However, things can’t just be done that easily because of the certain beliefs of our Subanen compatriots.

Rituals perhaps will have to be taken and etc. Anyways, if there is a will to elevate such status to Mt. Pulumbato, every mammoth requirement will just turn to become easy as an anthill, well for the greater good of La Bella. Personally, Barangay eMedia is excited to such development, particularly in the area of tourism.

Nonethess, at present, part of the mount is celebrated as a place of pilgrimage on Holy Week—the station of the Cross. Still, the place retained its original function, as a religious venue of the locals. On some occasions, too, hikers, joggers, walkers and other exercises of many enthusiasts are doing their routines via the stretch of Mt. Pulumbato.

“See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him.” (I John 3:1, NIV)

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