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ZSCMST’s migratory birds


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) Former students, who graduated from the Zamboanga State College of Marine Sciences and Technology (ZSCMST), and are now working in Barangay eMedia as influential announcers and reporters, are very happy for the another historic mileage their alma mater is contributing to the City of Zamboanga recently.

For the first time ever, a local bird-watching was spearheaded by the ZSCMST, in the site of their hectares of fishpond property, yesterday with the attendance of a number of local and international bird enthusiasts around as its guests. Together with other agencies, except the City government, the program went very successful.

Come to think, to how this new blessing and discovery can help boost the tourism industry of Zamboanga. Basically, our City has only limited choices of spots to enjoy when tourists visit us. Admittedly, this could be one of the reasons why many tourists are not picking Zamboanga as their destination. Hence, this new innovation, the ZSCMST has initiated, may indeed change everything to invite hundreds to visit La Bella.

Partners Kap Fred, Brian Abuy, Jonathan Jalon, and the rest studied and graduated in ZSCMST, while Partner Gay Lozada Baylosis is still connected today to the institution as a faculty member. In the past big events of ZSCMST, Barangay eMedia has also been its partner, so was the bird-watching yesterday.

How nice is the intricate background of the site to where the migratory birds touched down comes the late afternoon. The same stretch of the ZSCMST’s fishpond area was the terrain where the MNLF and the government troops clashed during the siege almost two years ago. Many of us have seen its drama and suspense via the online streaming of Barangay eMedia.

Blood flowed in those earth dikes and brackish waters, while the trees nearby which are serving now as the shades of the birds were somehow also the cover of either the MNLF or the government troops before. Today, in the time of peace, it seems God is repaying the State College with an unexpected blessing that may place Zamboanga again in the map internationally, but now not in hostilities but as a tourist destination.

These migratory birds, according to the experts, have travelled thousands of miles from the arid climate of the Middle East, particularly Syria, to our tropical and moderate breeze in the City. Different hosts of the programs in Barangay eMedia teased in their comments and remarks that these same birds did probably see the ISIS war in Syria and Iraq.

ZSCMST though wishes that the local government can see the potential of the site as a plus spot which deserves its full support in the future. Notably, all the rest of the ads and other endeavors to promote the bird-watching are almost solely undertaken by the College. However, other agencies came to its assistance while in the process of its promotion.

Students and faculty members themselves designed and hoisted the tarpaulin presentations in the different key places of the City. A concerted effort of a relatively small force created the significant success, which is celebrated by the entire City. Those IMT students who carried poles to tie the streamers all around was just but amazing.

Mayor Beng anyway was there who even served as the host of the event, maybe also did realize the unpolished capabilities the bird-watching can give to the City in the future. Thus, including the Barangay eMedia, everyone hopes that on the next year, the City government itself shall be its very primordial sponsor.

As our Lady Mayor often say, “Let’s build a better Zamboanga”, this is the direct answer of that declaration. We gotta seize this opportunity and sell it globally to stay competitive. Baranggay eMedia congratulates Dr. Milabel D. Nazario and the entire men and women of the ZSCMST for their exceptional and a job-well-done accomplishment they endeavored to promote the City in the international arena.

The birds may continue to stay yet in the place in the following weeks before they fly to their next stop before they return to their native habitat in the Middle East. It’s a baffling mystery to how avian can precisely tract their way back and forth to secure their posterity.

“The glory of this present house will be greater than the glory of the former house, says the LORD Almighty. ‘and in this place I will grant peace’, declares the LORD Almighty.” (Zech. 2:9, NIV)

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