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Philippine Tourism Authority (PTA) Golf Beach resort the dirtiest


(BY: REX G.. MIRAVITE) The Department of Tourism (DOT) should look into the supposed show window of attractions of the government to encourage foreign and local tourists to visit the model facilities as tourist destination like the Golf Beach in Calarian, Zamboanga City.

But how can the Department of  Tourism convince even rural tourists to come to PTA Beach when human wastes are floating in bowls in a dilapidated bath and comfort rooms?

This is a great shame to the national and local government civil authorities.

The entrance road to the beach and Golf course is bumpy unattended for a long time.

And yet the gate checkers have the temerity to collect twenty pesos entrance fee to the dirtiest beach resort.

The maintenance workers of the tourist spot when confronted about the unsanitary and dirty condition of the beach facilities alleged that no water supply is available and there appears no semblance of supervision by anyone inside this tourist destination. It is really funny to have this kind of tourist spot.

“We can strengthen our leaders by pointing to them that what they are doing is wrong”, according to Senator Diokno.###

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