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Potentials of the Sweet Sorghum Plant


What Cong. Lilia brought to Zamboanga, three weeks ago, is now creating a good clamor and ripples of hope to our local folks, particularly our very own farmers. Those who knew about the European investors—who may put up a power plant in our City, using ethanol, are now so much excited, and that includes also Barangay eMedia.

If you’ve been to the East Coast, you can notice the City’s endless vast lands, which according to the earlier experts who came here, are very suitable for the sweet sorghums that will be their subject for the extraction of ethanol. The use of the fossil fuel, mostly from the Middle East, is mainly blamable for our ozone depletion causing the earth’s present phenomenon of global warming.

The use of bio-fuel is being encouraged by many developed countries like the US, UK and the rest because it is earth friendly. It can be the only next global energy available in the future when oil can be exhausted in the deserts of the Middle East. If that can be the case, Zamboanga will have the good chances.

The farming percentage divisions in the city are mostly copra, rice, corn, vegetables and etc. Sorghums, so far, locally, is something unheard yet. This kind of plant is similar to sugarcane. It grows a stalk, produces a kind of juice and also fruits. The juice from the stalk will be the extract to be used for the ethanol, whereas the fruits will be processed for animal feeds.

At present, in the country, corn and cassava are the leading raw products which are used by manufacturing plants to process animal feeds. But what we’ve, accordingly, are not yet enough to meet the demands of the market today. Thus, if this will be materialized, the 35,000 hectares of sweet sorghums can answer the pressing needs for the production of animal feeds.

What particular animals are the ones needing the prime feeds for market? Well, obviously, the fowls or chicken, hogs and even cows, for the beef needs in our canned products. It means that sweet sorghums will go a long way to create endless opportunities for the Zamboangueño People.

Poverty is such a dilemma in our country. There how many millions of Filipinos who are impoverished all over today and who direly need an actual miracle?  The coming of this said European Plant in our City may be the answer of this hollow part of our citizenry, and who will relish their benefits but us here in Zamboanga! Well, to include as well few in Sibuguey.

The details of the sweet sorghums were discussed by Cong. Lilia and partner GIL Climaco on the program “Motherly Yours, Lilia” last Friday. Cong. Lilia pounds always to our populace the real profits of farming. Everyone knows that the new generation of Filipinos somehow prefers more office works than farming!

It is a wrong notion that must be corrected. Powerful and rich nations are horded with innumerable billionaire farmers like the US and the rest of the South America. Farmers there, own private planes and are also investors to their stock markets. The soil in these countries is equivalent to gold.

Cong. Lilia brought this new message to a number of IDP’s, who were affected of the siege almost two years ago, and to her joy, amazingly Badjao families are discovering the priceless potentials of growing backyard farming in their transitory sites. If this same principle can be applied en masse to Zamboanga, great prosperity is inevitable.

“For, ‘all flesh is like grass, and all its glory like the flower of grass. the grass withers, and the flower falls off, 25but the word of the lord endures forever.’ and this is the word which was preached to you.” (I Pet. 2:25-26, NIV)

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