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“The Science of stupid”


(BY: BOVIC L. LUCERO) The National Geographic Channel has a show entitled “the Science of Stupid,” a hilarious compilations of real funny events about what people does just to make a point and, of course, trying to defy the law of science. It is being presented by a “seemingly stupid” and funny host that aptly contributes to the mayhem. For every stupid actions projected on screen, it always end up in a painstakingly outcome that looks comical but obviously it is a Big OUCH!

The show is aired mostly late at night which I could not stop myself from giggling in the silence of the night, I could not laugh out loud as I might awaken the slumber of my bedmate. At times after watching the show I find myself having a hard time sleeping, but, for sure, when sleep catches up on me, I sleep with a grin on my face!

Anyway, let us apply that science to our day to day situations especially in the area of governance. Politicians come and go after a 3-year term. They make it a point to have an impact in their first 2 years in office with so many projects and policy-changes and undoing what their predecessors had done before or just trying to outdo them just for the sake of doing so. One could hardly see or talk to them in office, seems like they do not have the luxury of time what with all the phalanx of the so-called “cordon sanitaire” blocking your way through their office. Worst are the people who feel powerful when they believe they have a close tie-in with the politicians! Illusion of grandeur to the max!

On the 3rd year they become more passive and more accommodating; you see them smiling as you meet them; opening their doors for people to come inside their office; mingling with ordinary people in the streets and carrying their babies; talking compassionately as if they truly care about you. This time, the people, for them, are the most important entities as they are concentrating on their re-election bids.

They make projects that does not last; they make under-the-table and over-the-counter negotiations for kickbacks; they prefer bidders that are close to their hearts, oops, their pockets rather;  they hire their relatives and friends for juicy positions; they use government coffers as if it is their personal bank; they use government vehicles on personal errands; they sweet-talk people through their hollowed propaganda but does something else; they dance and sing their way to the COMELEC precincts; they travel a lot in the guise of attending trainings, seminars or meetings using government funds but instead are going shopping, attending classes or just plain traveling and sight-seeing; and other covert and overt operations for personal gains and aggrandizement. The worst thing is, they think we are all stupid and that they can get away with it!

On the next election, for sure these people will feel the Big OUCH as they are kicked out!!! So I am calling all Filipinos to make your presence felt, you own the government and you deserve better services! Show them who is Boss!

Here’s to the Scientists of Stupid! May your tribe be decimated as the Ombudsman and the Lady of Justice are waiting for you with open arms!

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