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PNoy, stay put! said Sulu leaders


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) Unlike the voices of the diverse groups in Manila, the Sulu leaders, at last, spoke their sentiments of the present personal leadership crisis of PNoy. Through the Sulu Vice-Governor, Abdusakor Tan, the leaders in the province encouraged President Aquino not to resign or step down from his office, but rather to fulfill his Constitutional mandate until his office expires on 2016.

For all of this time, the southernmost part of the country has been very silent or passive in any decision in Manila which affects the entire country. However, this time, they voiced out categorically their pleasure. Whether a party-mate or not with PNoy, Sulu leaders cry a foul to all the movements the political enemies of PNoy are doing now.

Obviously, PNoy probably has been in his sleepless nights since after January 25. When ordinary citizens fail, there is no much worry. But when the President of the Republic falters, everything in the country is shaken. The disadvantage though in a democratic state is that the freedom of voices can sometimes be used to manipulate situations to control a political ambition.

There will just be more than a year for PNoy to stay in Malacañang, can the entire country not give him the chance? To some experts, they say that PNoy’s fate is now again hanging in the balance, similar to his mother’s time. Cory Aquino was also tested for several instances on the coup-de-tat attempts of the RAM.

But PNoy’s challengers now are neither the military nor the police. They are politicians and businessmen; the former has the influence and the power while the latter has the money. This could be the reason why PNoy doesn’t appear recently in the public because he probably was attending closed-door meetings to his advisers and allies to counter the strong forces of his rivals.

The EDSA is undeniably a blessing to the Filipino people. However, this same breakthrough as well did bring a haunting factor which has allured different forces and people to attempt several replications to topple a regime like the Marcos’ time. Did you remember the EDSA 2, and there even was EDSA 3, though it failed before it ended?

While other nations gain their independence or freedom by blood and civil war, Philippine had it in peace! Our country became an exemplary figure to many struggling nations, both in the past and in the present. Yet, there is this hang-up we have! The said breakthrough keeps to be happening several times on different leadership.

This is also quite unique in the Philippines—former presidents are prosecuted criminally after their term end— that beginning from Marcos until Arroyo. One was even convicted, the former President and now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada. A rumor is now even spreading that the sure failures of PNoy shall be his offenses potential for his future criminal suits.

These only could happen because of the number of strong and formidable political rivals in the country who do have a similar character of willingness to dispense vengeance against their opponents when opportunities or susceptibility exposes them. Thus, the saying what we sow is what we reap is the trend of our domestic political arena.

Once a person enters to politics in the Philippines, he must be willing to pay the price or persecution. But Baranggay eMedia thinks that what if there is no culture of corruption in our country, do you think this kind of political passions or rivalries will still be the same or the scenario is different?

Evil money can definitely change a saintly leader to a trickster willing to lay down every card he has for the sake of his ambitions. Sometimes, the actions and motives of these personalities, we see on TV in Manila, are too much not to be recognized as political lusts and not anymore a public service.

Going back to the statement of Vice-Governor Tan in behalf of his group, their voice is very precise. They are for PNoy, and that despite that the former is not actually for the establishment of the BBL.

‘“I am the Alpha and the Omega,’ says the Lord God, ‘who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.’” (Rev. 1:8, ESV)

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