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Graduation congratulatory messages, who reads them? Golden crescent achievement awards sapphire anniversary


(BY: ALI T. YACUB) “Ignorance is the mother of all evils”
– (Al-Hadith) Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
“Education is the most vital of all resources”
– E.F. Schumacher, Small is Beautiful (1973)

In the summer of 2014 (April 28, 2014 to be exact), I had conversation with a very good Zamboanga City educator, and I “got his ear” on something of the unusual which took him, a big surprise indeed.

The good person that I am referring is no other than Supt. Pedro Melchor M. Natividad, CSEE, our 2014 Peace Weaver Awardee, where we had an honest-to-goodness discussion for the coming Commencement Exercises of all public high schools in the City, this 2015.

I asked the Superintendent the relevance of “graduation congratulatory messages” found in every graduation programs of Elementary, High Schools and in some colleges (WMSU had it deleted in 2002) and worse, I asked him, who reads them? At first, he was defensive, he said, the graduates, the parents and other visitors read them all! In all honesty, I asked him again, those messages are read?

My good friend the Superintendent, was at a loss and took him a while to compose himself when I told him, out of ten graduates and it would be a good number if there were four who read such messages send to the graduates are read at all! To me is such a ship-load of hypocrisy!

The so-called readers are the senders of the messages, the Principal (because he is one of them), the relatives of the sender and good if one of the students read the messages at all.

To find out what I mean, read my proposal to Supt. Pete, printed in toto on installment this issue, to start hereunder:


Among Secondary Schools in Zamboanga City

Proposed by:  Prof. Ali T. Yacub, Al-Hj.
President, GCCPBA
Founder, Golden Crescent Achievement Awards (1970)

I. Historical Background
I have been sitting in so many graduations bestowing the Golden Crescent Achievement Awards to recipients (Leadership Awards) from 1970 to the present and the Academic Excellence from 200 to the present.

Looking at Graduation programs from my Elementary days to High School then College and even reaching the years of my career, the Graduation programs remained unchanged particularly on the pages where nobody reads – messages of leaders, both political and those coming from the Institutions – DepEd or the School Administrators.

I am tempted to ask, on the point of view of the readers, not the faculty, officials of the school and others involved in the preparations. Who really reads these messages, the graduates? the parents? In all honesty, if a survey is conducted, we will be shocked, if we can find twenty out of a hundred graduates and parents who reads these messages at all! This is embarrassing.
The presumption is that the graduates and parents read them. Did we ask them if they care at all? What about the guests and others, do they read? Think about it!
(to be continued next issue…)


The Golden Crescent Achievement  Awards which was started by this writer in March 1970 at the Zamboanga City High School and Zamboanga A.E. Colleges Academic High School which is already defunct and succeeded by the UZ Technical High School is now on its Sapphire Anniversary, forty-five years of bestowing Medallions of Recognition of Exemplary Leadership after a thorough Screening by the undersigned and later in 2011, has been assisted by a panel of Screening Committee from the Golden Crescent Consortium of Peace Builders members.

This year, the Awards Committee from the Golden Crescent Consortium of Peace Builders headed by Dr. Salihmatal Lagbas, VP for External Affairs and the Co-Chair Prof. Amyra S. Mohammad is now on its finishing touches for the Final Screening on February 28, 2015 to be held at the Western Mindanao State University.

The other members of the Awards Committee are: Engr. Ali “Al” Urao, Hon. Aljihan R. Edding, Prof. Abdelazeem Moh. Siddique, Hja. Neneng Luy-Salikala, Mrs. Josephine B. Sanchez, Mr. Jaafar (Jeff) Kimpa and Datu Hussayin Arpa

The Founder of the GOLDEN CRESCENT ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS on the Awards’ Sapphire Anniversary is calling all alumni of the Golden Crescent Achievement Awards (Academic Excellence, Leadership, and Founder’s Choice) who are now well-off to share back to the Awards in order the Founder and the GCCPBA officers who are continuing this noble project, so others may enjoy and benefit the same honor and prestige you all had, when you on stage received the distinction of a Leadership Awardee, Academic Excellence or Founder’s Choice Awardees.

If my message lands in some Facebooks or any means of electronic transmission reached the alumni, friends of the alumni or relatives of the Golden Crescent Achievement Awards alumni, I can be reached through my CP no. 0906-856-0316 (TM) or 0926-667-0671 (Globe).

We would like to tell all of you the Search for the Golden Crescent Achievers continues even beyond the Sapphire year. ####

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