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The commander is liable for not knowing troop leading procedures


(BY: REX G. MIRAVITE) The death of more than 40 PNP personnel in Maguindanao last Sunday January 25, 2015 could be attributed to utter lack of knowledge on troop leading procedures by the commander who sent the PNP special action force to serve a warrant of arrest.

Commanders must master basic strategies before sending troops to combat operations or other missions to confront armed criminal elements.

Troop leading procedures (TLP) is a military term which is a sequence of steps to be followed by commanders which includes proper planning, estimate of the situation which covers enemy course of action, your own course of action and the best course of action after knowing your enemy capabilities and your own fire power.

Coordination with other friendly forces is mandatory. If you don’t for some reasons at your own risk.

A more than 2,000 years old strategy will never become obsolete which says “you must know yourself and your enemy before going to war”.

The strategies formulated by SUN TZU, a Chinese war strategist more than 2,000 years ago were products of initiative and common sense.

The commander who sent the PNP SAF to serve the warrant of arrest in Maguindanao without coordination with other friendly forces is criminally liable for the blunders that claimed the life of 44 PNP SAF personnel under the doctrine of command responsibility while the MILF Forces are equally liable for the massacre of the over 40 government troops.

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