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Folly of negotiating peace in Mindanao


(BY: ATTY. BATAS MAURICIO) LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… If they refuse to make peace and they engage you in battle, lay siege to that city...” (Deuteronomy 20:12, the Holy Bible).


FOLLY OF NEGOTIATING PEACE IN MINDANAO: The folly of negotiating peace with just one armed group in Mindanao is once again exposed for all to see: even if peace is not attained yet between the Aquino government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, a new rebel group composed of 70 fully armed men led by a radical Muslim cleric, the Justice for Islamic Movement, is raring to go to more wars against the Republic of the Philippines.

Indeed, President Aquino might want to ask himself and try to think of the right answer by himself for once: if total peace in Mindanao is not going to be achieved by the peace pact with the MILF, since new rebel groups could crop up even at the mere drop of a hat in much the same fashion that MILF cropped up by separating from the Moro National Liberation Front after it managed to sign a peace accord with the Ramos government, why bother about peace at all?

It is clear that there is not going to be any lasting and total peace in Mindanao, especially if high-powered firearms continue to proliferate and remain in the hands of people willing to wage wars against the government and against Filipinos who want peace to reign. Remove the guns from rebels first, if the government can, before any negotiations start, and I am sure everybody will pay serious attention to the government’s peace overtures.


TWIN SISTERS, BOTH 76 YEAR OLD, BRUTALLY ATTACKED IN QC:A Facebook friend, Kerwin Torregosa, is crying out for justice for his mother, 76-year old Pura Torregosa, and Pura’s twin sister, Purisima, who were brutally assaulted inside their house in Talayan, Quezon City last February 26, 2015. Kerwin’s mother survived the attack, but she suffered serious injuries, particularly on her face, which necessitate an operation. The mother’s twin, Purisima, died a violent death.

Here is a post from Kerwin about the heart-wrenching incident, edited a little: “Pura and Purisima are twins aged 76, both without any source of support, except myself and Kuya Albert. Purisima is still active at the Quiapo Church as a collector and greeter, and as the stronger one, she takes care of Pura when Albert and I are out for work.


APPEAL FOR HELP AIRED:“On Feb 26, 2015, the longest day of my life between 3 p.m. to 9 p.m., unidentified EVIL men entered my home and attacked the two senior citizens, at the same time stealing a 22 inch flat LCD TV. Purisima did not survive, but Pura did, perhaps with the suspects thinking that she was already dead.

“At 9 p.m., Albert came home and found both their bodies. My mom Pura survived the ordeal with face injuries caused by blunt-force trauma. We are now funding the operation including the titanium screws to hold her face, for her to live a normal life during her remaining years. I would like to appeal for donations which maybe coursed  through my BPI Account. Please PM me or SMS me at 0917-846-7873 or 0922-8877760 to get details. We would be forever in gratitude to you.”


CRIMINALS CRAZED BY DRUGS: How animalistic can a robber (or robbers) get, to enable him or her (or them) to assault weak, helpless, and ageing and defenseless twin sisters, with the evident of killing after robbing them? Indeed, what kind of a criminal is he who can hit two 76-year old women to kill them, perhaps as a way to remove any witnesses to their crime?

Indeed, what is happening to our country and our people now? Many will say that the Torregosa incident could have been perpetrated only by drug-crazed idiots, because only those whose minds have been darkened by drugs can be capable of heinous crimes like what was done to the Torregosa twins. The question, however, is: how come people get hooked on drugs? Why would they choose to use drugs when they know death awaits them if they did so?


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