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Not silk but nylon


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) The drama, suspense and action—a three-in-one true to life scenario, took place in a bodega at the stretch of Tetuan, in an early dawn yesterday, March 6, when a band of robbers break in to the said bodega to robbed a number of items. However, before the intrusion could succeed, and it was almost perfect, suddenly the security guard awoke from a sound sleep to notice the band inside, and then the commotion started.

The security guard was, accordingly, newly hired, in fact was his first day, and young. He came from the Sibugay Province, because he wanted to find a better job, hence he landed to this new post. Is it fate, a bad luck or what—of all the establishments and to any given day, the robbery happened incidentally to his bodega and on his watch!

Poor young man, his first day of work became right away his baptism of fire. The band overcame him; he was punched, kicked and tied with a thick nylon. Barangay eMedia’s reporter Partner Ely Dumaboc exclusively covered the story. He was with the Tetuan Police who responded to the scenario for the rescue of the said blue guard.

Partner Ely was able to secure video footages to how the man was tied so tightly like a tender hog ready to be roast as a lechon de leche, mumbled Partner Ely on his live exclusive report yesterday. The police authorities found even the difficulty to cut the nylon which was used by the robbers because of its thickness. The blue guard remained in such awkward and embarrassing situation for hours, before the rescue came.

The robbers were like the green Spiderman who bound his victims with his thick silk to heist them, though in this story it was a strong nylon the offenders used against the latter. One of the police would have to use a lighter to melt the nylon to free the young victim.

Good for him that he wasn’t killed. He still was very fortunate to only receive few contusions, bruises and embarrassment than his life. If he did, he can be considered as very wretched migrant worker. Though God spared him, his mother must have covered him with prayers before he left his hometown to work here in a big City.

Lesson learnt: DO NOT SLEEP AT YOUR WORK! Other’s excuse to a relative job is the implied tolerance of the employer to allow security guards to sleep lightly when assigned during a graveyard shift. But the law specifically provides that despite, the latter’s lapses are still an express liability.

Nowadays, the proliferation of the illegal drugs and the life’s difficulties, evil men do not anymore hesitate to commit atrocities despite against formidable odds. They show up even bolder than the professional law enforcers. Many of them need to feed their carnal desires of the illegal drugs by all means, even if it will cost their lives.

When they also will do such commission of a crime, they are under the influence of the illegal drugs. The substance added more excitement to their seeming expedition, to what they may only feel but the reality is already a crime. The collateral damages are the ones who may cross their path like the blue guard, thank goodness though that he didn’t lose his life.

Policemen who responded to the scene were baffled and somehow could not hold but crack a bit to laughter upon their discovery of the position of the guard. They could be thinking that such dilemma could only be seen on TV series or on movies. And probably, if the robber did also see the TV report of Partner Ely, they definitely did also laugh in jeers for their left exhibition.

“All who came before me are thieves and robbers, but the sheep did not listen to them. I am the door. If anyone enters by me, he will be saved and will go in and out and find pasture.” (John 10:8-9, ESV)

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