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March 16, mark the date


(BY: REV. BERLIG G. YAP) Cong. Lilia is in Barangay eMedia every Friday for her weekly program which is entitled “Motherly Yours Lilia”. Despite of her busy schedules in Manila, as a legislator, she really finds her way to be in the City on weekends to report and abreast her constituents.

On Friday, March 5, she discussed plenty of items, but one of those, which we can consider as indeed good news for our City, is the continuous bridging of the European company, which is to open a plant here to produce bio ethanol, to our City. For sure, this company whom Cong. Lilia is bringing to La Bella is very serious.

On March 16, consultants and few more experts will come to Zamboanga to continue to do their needed study and meetings to a number of local stakeholders. Despite of the humors around of atrocities, they are not afraid to step to the City for the planned big industry.

Our City dreams to experience greater breakthroughs. Believably, it could now be the time for Zamboanga. Cities like General Santos, Cagayan de Oro, and to include Dipolog, Dapitan and Pagadian had theirs already, hence, it must be ours now. We can then cross our fingers in excitement because this potential opportunity is for everyone.

Not easy to somehow be left-out. But it is part and parcel to any growth. Competition is, most of the time, inevitable. We can’t fight it. However, we can muster it for our advantage. There just how many months will we wait for the real start of this plant to start to operate in Zamboanga?

Our City deserves the chance we need for our populace. Do you know that on December KCC will open already, and the two other malls in Tetuan also anytime this year? How about the new highway connecting the East and the West Coasts passing there up at the Pasonanca? Changes are beyond our control today, well these are positive changes.

35,000 hectares of land will be leased by this European company for the sweet sorghums. There can be no bare properties which we still can see in the East Coast when the plant will start operation. Benefits will cascade to every Zamboangueño.

Barangay eMedia believes if one is not lazy, definitely graces will land on his life on their due times. Farming is conducive in Zamboanga. Hence, if families around who own few hectares of land must now learn to appreciate and know how to farm, soil in our hands can be meaning money.

The sleep of the hard-working at night is sound. But the lazy is not because he already had slept all the daytime. How do we fight hunger and poverty? Opportunities are now knocking at our doors. We cannot lose them but we rather have to seize them. Bigger opportunities only come once in a blue moon. This one coming is a rare blessing, let’s capture it.

Cong. Lilia knows so well the potentials of this multi-million foreign company which she is bringing to our shores. Thus, she is giving all of her best for it. It is her legacy which she wants to give to the Zamboangueño people. She has been a good mother, not just to her children but, to the many deprived, the less fortunate families, the poor, and etc.

“Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward them for what they have done.” (Prov. 19:17, ESV)

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