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7 drug raids on the weekend


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) Newer officers are usually the idealistic, very aggressive and are not scared to clash with the law breakers, like the local drug lords. Both the Ayala and the Sinunuc Police Stations are exemplary to such daring endeavors. Hence, last weekend, there were 7 drug raids which were done by the Ayala police, and busted a number of illegal drug offenders.

New blood is always the life of the system. The high morale and the aggressiveness of the station commanders of the twin police stations are the aces why they always are ahead to the rest in the statistics of busting illegalities in their AOR, particularly the illegal drugs.

The West Coast has this escalating problem because of the obvious new presence of the different drug dens and drug dealers in the area. It is safe to presume that Recodo is being cleansed by the authorities gradually until, probably, the traces of the illegal drugs can either be totally eliminated or, at least, be reduced in the area.

If the steady campaign of the twin police stations and their passion won’t abate, such presumption may become a reality soon. However, it is also undeniable that the officers of both police stations do also receive different threats as the boomerang of their consecutive drug raid successes.

To the police officers, their apprehensions are positive accomplishments, but the losses of the drug dealers are as well a very serious threat to their expensive trade. Let’s remember that the latter also did invest, despite that their products are the illegal drugs, yet they also drew out thousands or millions of cash capital.

Here is now the dilemma, drug dealers may have to fight, too, the insurmountable raids and apprehensions of the Sinunuc and Ayala Police Stations. Our policemen are now taking extra precautions because their sure threats are from everywhere. Their dare is a collision to a seeming impregnable force which they unbelievably toppled down one at a time.

To the ordinary civilians, the 7 successful raids are very good news, in fact the Barangay eMedia also commends both police stations for their unprecedented performances in the past months. Their bravery is unequalled. Hope, they also can be emulated by the other police stations.

If the rest will also perform such degree of aggressiveness to persecute drug dealers, probably our jails will congest more and our streets will be cleaned totally in no time. The drug menace in Zamboanga has already robbed many young lives. It must be challenged now with a strong fist.

Our City needs more idealistic young police commanders who are willing to dare and not be scared to pay the price to re-enforce civility in our land. The families of young policemen understand the exact burdens of the calling of their spouses. When they engaged to fulfill their duties, it is not just the officers who laid down their lives, but as well their families.

No wonder, that the Republic does call our military and policemen as living heroes. Their sacrifices are worth it. They do so just in order that we can sleep well at night and that we can live peaceably. Despite of the countless of stuffs we are hearing that a number of policemen are also involved to criminalities, yet there are still many of them who kept integrity as their real values in the profession.

They are the ones whom we give our due honor. May we have more police officers whose lives live the real tenets of their calling and their profession like the Ayala and Sinunuc Police Stations in the West Coast!

“For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Rom 6:23, NIV)

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