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Incompetent commander could be dangerous in battle


(BY: REX G. MIRAVITE) Like a pilot flying with hundreds of passengers a troop commander either in the military or in the police must have sufficient training or experience in leading men in combat starting from junior officer rank to company grade, field grade and higher positions.

But there are swivel chair officers upon attaining a senior rank become ambitious to be field commanders.

This is dangerous.

In past generations military officers observed and followed a career pattern starting as detachment commander company commander, field grade positions with sufficient schooling in military courses commensurate to their rank and positions being occupied including staff function and as instructors in training centers to make them well rounded and become a generalist.

With all due respect there are senior grade and star rank officers who lack field and combat experience but ambitious to be field commanders are bound to become criminals if allowed to lead troops in a dangerous mission without making proper estimate of enemy situation and driven by greed to claim credit for themselves at the expense of the lives of their men.###

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