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Incest committed to a pitiful minor


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) An exclusive sensitive news item was covered by Barangay eMedia last week. It was about a complaint filed at the Sta. Maria Police, of an alleged statutory rape and was perpetrated by the relative of the victim. It is statutory rape because the girl is a minor and the offense is deemed also to be incestuous for it was committed by the cousin of the girl.

A helpless minor, who was left by her parents to their relative, was abused by her cousin, who is an 18-year old of age. Helpless and totally unaware of any malice, when she was asked who did advance against her, she innocently replied that it was her kuya. Such line pricked many hearts upon hearing it on-the-air, including the men and fathers in Barangay eMedia.

A broken home affects most, not the couple who actually could easily adjust because they are already adults but, the children who are susceptible to any predation that one cannot tell to happen anywhere and anytime. Such was the incident of the story of this minor.

The mutation of our technology today is mind-boggling. If one has an android phone he can already access the internet every time and every where he wants it. It is simply a convenience, especially if one’s work involves mostly the use of it. However, this same blessing can be, and are already, exploited to the expedience of some perverts and lustful individuals.

Pornography has now changed into an unprecedented magnitude where the young people, especially, can easily experiment or indulge to such vice. When engrossed to a much exposure to it, anyone hooked can easily be tempted to replicate what he saw to vulnerable persons—like to helpless minors.

Most incest happened, and inside homes, because the offenders are bound to pornography. Their seeming fantasies drive them to transgress against their blood relatives or even to a family member. It is a carnal passion that easily blinds a dirty mind. What or who do you think are the ones blamable?

The intricacies of our society today are so much complicated which nobody can just easily point a finger to who are accountable or liable. The depravity of our time is often very extreme where anyone who wants to protect himself or his home should do it soberly and deliberately.

Poverty is the other identifiable reason why incest happens. In the case of this story, the girl stayed with her aunt who is a laundry woman and whose husband is a tricycle driver. Literally, the girl/minor is left in the house with her grown-up cousins every day. Neither parents nor guardians are around to keep the child; on extreme chances, disaster can indeed easily happen.

According to what Barangay eMedia has gathered, the supposed guardians are also reluctant to file the necessary complaint. Well, it is obvious that they might feel such because the offender is their own son. Anyhow, the complaint is now in the women and children’s desk at the Police Central Office.

Because the nature of the case is criminal, hence the primary complainant is the State. That even if the guardians of the minor may be passive on the case, it will still prosper in the capacity of our police and the City Fiscal’s Office. Situations like this really do create a divide in a family. However, the momentum of justice cannot excuse the reason of embarrassments of the concerned family.

“A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.” (Matt. 6:45, NIV)

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