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(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) What Barangay eMedia garnered yesterday as its headline news—particularly, there were three, were mixtures of funny and serious stories which are worth to know and be given good attentions. Barangay eMedia does not sleep in the capacity of gatherings factual and veracious news around. Its men and women are dedicated to do such, just to give the Zamboangueño people what they deserve.

A good lawyer yesterday dawn went to the Central Police Station to complain. His personal account estimated that he appeared at the station at around 1-2 o’clock in the morning. Accordingly, the police on duty was only wearing a pajama and mistook to release the accused persons as the complainant. Uh oh, it can be deemed as a serious error displayed by a public officer on duty.

If the officer was still half asleep, such mistake is not impossible to happen. Isn’t it, that despite it is already on the wee hours, policemen on duty will still have to wear their proper uniforms? It is a decorum that conveys the kind of their authority to the public. Their uniforms are not mere or ordinary clothing that can just be laid for their home attires inside their work place and at their working hours.

Hence, it is not just the necessity of the wearing of uniform but the authority of the officer vested on him that needs to be delicately respected and honored. How can either a complainant or an accused identify the officer as a policeman without his proper decorum? The scenario casts a doubt to the public if some of our policemen are indeed giving their most to their sacred work.

The incident the good lawyer reached on that fateful dawn time created ripples of a laughingstock and taunts to the populace of the City. Some even reacted through or by text messages, at the program of Barangay eMedia, that the officer should have also brought his bed and pillows with him.

Just think of it, the prior hours some of his colleagues responded to an emergency call of the Cawit Baranggay Captain because there were certain pump boats and suspicious men who, allegedly, entered to their area via the river. They looked like intruders who could be carrying arms and possibly to create atrocities in the place and the nearby baranggays.

It is unlikely that, at the Central Police Station, an officer could take lightly his work amidst a double red alert time in Zamboanga. Anyhow, our good City Police Director personally assessed the alleged misbehavior of the officer. Col. Casimiro is very outstanding since he assumed the helmed of the directorship, that the Zamboangueño people totally trust him to correct any petty errors committed amongst his ranks.

This is how our City is susceptible today to some elements. Nonetheless, the alertness and the involvements of our community do easily abort whatever spawning evil around. Like the spotted presence of some suspicious persons in Cawit was right away responded by the authority, because the very residents of the river bank immediately reported to their Baranggay Captain.

Our police as well are already in their constant drills that when the real thing comes, they precisely can respond quickly for the safety of the populace. Even all the hearsays spreading around are taken seriously by the leadership of Col. Casimiro, though without showing them off to the public. Everything now is being addressed objectively by our authorities.

As they say, indeed we anymore can’t take the chances, and we already have learnt our hard lessons on the 2013 seige. Lastly, a certain purok leader in Recodo was apprehended by PS 11 for selling illegal drugs. Come on! We already have seen a police officer, BJMP personnel, and other personalities doing it, now it is a purok leader pushing illegal drugs.

Anyways, it is in Recodo. Our authorities have just done what they are deputized to perform. Until when can the stretch of Baranggay Recodo be totally cleaned from the traces of the illegal drugs?

“But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.” (Rev. 21: 8, NIV)

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