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Wanted man coddled by police


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) Some information amongst police records, which media outfits extract as news items, at times, do mostly shock the public and everyone, including the Barangay eMedia. This usually happens during live reportage in either its morning or its afternoon primetime news. It is how often criminalities are perpetrated in different forms or faces, but each time is against the law and must be busted.

Barangay eMedia’s reporter Partner Jonathan Jalon reported, yesterday morning, a police record in PS-5, Divisoria, concerning two policemen who were with another personality who intruded a residence in Guiwan without the owner’s permission and took some items from inside.

Then it was later found out that the 3rd person with the two police officers was actually one of the most 10 wanted man by the authorities in Zamboanga City. Now the uniformed officers are confronted with administrative and criminal cases. There was the theft, the coddling of a wanted man and their marred character as public officers which could be the basis for their criminal and administrative suits.

Undeniably, there are really men in the ranks of the PNP who are crooked and are the ones who taint the good reputation of the organization. But the latter cannot just dismiss it, but will have to prosecute its own kind in order to preserve the integrity of the entire force. This is the real job of our policemen.

The allegations of the police report are very serious and must be dealt by our authorities both fairly and squarely. How can the public or ordinary citizens can still trust our policemen, if they themselves are the ones who break the very law which they are re-enforcing? As you read this line, you may be shaking your head, too.

We did hear already police officers selling drugs, involved to extortions, to kidnapping and the lots. Until when the truth continues to expose the corruption amongst the PNP, this breaks the heart of many well-meaning taxpayers who are responsible indirectly for their salaries!

However, it is also wrong to generalize the issue to the entire organization. Policemen and police officials like Col. Angelito Casimiro, Gen. Mario Yanga, PSI Hingming Lajaali, and PSI Karib Muharram are the very essence of the clean, honest, and sincere officers. If all policemen are dedicated as like them, we can have a more reliable PNP organization.

Relative to the saying of the rotten tomatoes, in any bunch or agency around, there can always be a most probable fact that corrupt public officers hide as wolves in sheep’s clothing within. Nonetheless, the long arm of the law does not ignore them. Ultimate situations can eventually corner them. The paces of justice though are slow but are also very sure.

With regards to the police officials who busted the mistakes and transgressions of a couple of his kind is commendable. The investigator who handles the case must not also be intimidated and be bought for a whitewash. The entire PS-5 should be solid to file the cases in court. After all, our City Fiscal is more than willing to prosecute the said alleged offenders.

Often, the news we hear do not lead the public to a difficult riddle of the question why, but the shocking revelation of how—not the “why they did it” but “how they did it”! Sometimes, we could just negatively hope that criminalities like the above are just only a bad dream where when we wake-up we realize that they ain’t true.

Yet the very reality is quite the opposite or the total irony. Despite, let’s continue to trust the organization, because in fairness, there are still men and women in their uniforms who do preserve their sacred callings in honesty, integrity and trustworthiness. They are the ones the Lord will surely establish and prosper for the good of our country.

“Yet I reserve seven thousand in Israel—all whose knees have not bowed down to Baal and whose mouths have not kissed him.” 1 Kings 19:18, NIV)

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