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Purisima fooled PNoy


(BY: REX G. MIRAVITE) The high level coordinating conference of Oplan Exodus was held in Malacañang on January 9, 2015 as previously published in the national dailies.

It was presided by the president and attended by former chief PNP Director General Alan Purisima and former SAF Commander Director Getulio Napenas.

Maybe unknown to the president that Purisima has no more authority over the PNP being on suspended status, OIC Chief PNP Director Leonardo Espina was not involved in the planning.

The official chain of command in the AFP or line of responsibility in the PNP are as follows: Commander-in-Chief, AFP Chief of staff/Chief PNP, Commanders of AFP united commands/ PNP Regional Directors down the line up to the level of a ground commander.

The instructions are normally channelled through the chain of command to pinpoint responsibility but since the chain of command was broken and was not observed in the Mamasapano operation on 25 January 2015 the president was left alone.

First, SAF Commander Director Napenas was sacked after the massacre of 44 commandos for incompetence.

Second, Purisima washed his hands being on suspension status and finally designed as PNP Chief and legally speaking has no role and liability in the operation.

From all indications Purisima fooled PNoy.

Technically the official planning and execution of Oplan Exodus was only between the Commander-in-Chief and Director Napeñas.

The presence of Purisima during the meeting at Malacañang was only as resource person, being the original planner of the special operation but now without any authority, responsibility, liability and accountability having been suspended as PNP Chief.

Now who will assume over-all command responsibility in the Mamasapano operation that resulted to the death of 44 SAF commandos?

Is it the Commander-in-Chief or Director Napenas?

In the military point of view the most senior commander is responsible for what his unit does or fails to do.###

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