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Shooting spree stops, but street crimes rise


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)
THE Lord Jesus Christ taught his disciples how to be the shining example of his Goodness. He said let the light of the Almighty Father in Heaven shine unto all mankind—especially those who are yet in the darkness. For, if the light shines upon them, how they wish they’d extricate themselves that fast from being in the dark the rest of their in their lives.

THE Scriptures attest to this: “You yourself must be an example to them by doing good works of every kind.” (Titus 2:7). Email:

AFTER an almost a month-long sabbatical, Pencing is back!

NOW, let’s rumble the more!


“It becomes a vicious cycle, as every time we apprehend them(minor-offenders), and turn them over to the proper agency( the DSWD), after only a day or two,or perhaps even weeks of counseling, and when they’returned over to their( irresponsible) parents, they’re back to the streets again,” rued police major EdilbertoAlvarez, the police station (11) Officer-In-Charge, in an interview by this corner on Friday.

THE police Chief Inspector( Alvarez) was expressing his utter disgust over the alarming plight of roughly 500 street urchins roaming the city with impunity- which explains the increase of the volume of the city’s street crimes these days.

WHEN C/Insp. Alvarez assumed last January as OIC of  police station (11)—having the biggest Area of Responsibility( AOR) with about (18 barangays?) under his watch, his main focus was on the drug menace the city. Because of the drug menace,an alarmingly 60%, even ballooning to as high as 80% of the total population of thegravely congested ZC jail station has been recorded, according to the jail-guards when inquired.

THIS is an aberrant juvenile issue that has to be looked into by our national policy-making body, and that’s Congress.

THIS has been sternly overlooked by our lawmakers both in the House( of Reps.) and in the Senate.

“We concentrated our campaign on the rampant illegal drug activities in the city, and because of our vigorous anti-drug drive,shooting incidents, based on our (police) statistics, have drastically dropped. Last January, we had zero shooting incident, the month of February, we had only one shooting incident, as well as one shooting for the month of this March. What we cannot control is our street crimes, as majority of these cases are being committed by the minors here,” lamented Chief Insp. Alvarez.

“Dol hide & seek ta cay(It’s like we play hide & seek). No matter how we turn them over to our DSWD where they’re given the proper counseling, they just return back to the streets,” the police major simply sighed in desperation. But, he stressed, “We’ll continue toapprehend these minor-violators as this is our mandate.”

ECHOING the sentiments of the many concerned sectors, Maj. Alvarez candidly said: “If we’re busy focusing more our attention on the big issues at present, let’s not also overlook this particular problem. We hope, we can make a serious research on this matter, and its ill-effects on our society.”

HE recounted that in the past, prior to the enactment of Rep. Act 9244,“We used to bring these young offenders (minors) to Polanco( Zamboanga del Sur) where they had their own detention center for the very purpose. They were given the proper reformation program( including formal education in the school). Y cuandoyabirasilaotrabes sale de Polanco, reformao y transformaoyasila( And, when they returned back here, they were already well reformed, and well transformed in their lives.”

THE police official cautioned that unless this particular law is amended, the volume of street crimes being committed by these minors will even worsen the more.“This system has to be corrected, as we are simply helpless. This is why we just advise our constituents to avoid becoming their victims in rampant theft cases like snatching. This is the most we can do as we cannot jail them, until they reach the age of 18.”
A very tough and strong message indeed from one of our no-nonsense local police officers.
“Embes putak kete putak kita cunese BBL o Rice Smuggling issue, puede ba, pone tamenkita attention cunese mga palpak leyes diaton?” ya ladra c Bogs di-unabes.
Tupao c Bogs!@

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