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NPA behind “Mamasapano massacre”?


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) Words of Enlightenment)
OUR Lord Almighty judges us from within—meaning He‘s more interested our inner self than our outward appearance. In short, He sees only our heart if pure or not— sans any reservations, including our doubts about Him.

The Bible says: “People judge by outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” ( 1 Samuel 16:7). Email:

THERE’s a this supposed genuine probe on the “Mamasapano massacre” that resulted in the mass killings of our 44 SAF members last Jan. 25.

THE ‘findings’ claimed it wasn’t the MILF, after all, that incited the BIFFs to massacre the elite 44 members of the PNP’s Special Action Force(SAF), but such a dastardly and cowardly act was perpetrated by the “NPA.”

“How come?”  You may ask, since, it is a well- known fact, that the NPAs can’t do their thing with impunity in any known “MILF country” in Mindanao like Maguindanao.

BUT, this “El Rayo” wisecrackers indeed proved me wrong.

“Jun, I can prove to you that the ‘mastermind’ behind the massacre of our fallen 44 SAF members was the NPA: (N)apeñas, (P)urisima and (A)quino!”
ESE pa!


I HAD a long chat with our new ZCWD PIO— in the person of Edgar Baños, a seasoned media practitioner.

 BAÑOS, due to his vast experience as a media-man through and through, was able to explicitly bring across a very convincing statement to its many member-consumers, and to bear with them amid the current water crisis we’re now facing.

“Nuay dao ya puede ace ( el ZCWD), that’s not true. The truth of the matter, this year we already inked two pacts: one with Prime Water in the West-Coast to put up a plant out there that’s capable to deliver 50,000 cubic liters. Then, later, there’s this joint venture with Manila Water for the Non Revenue Water or NRW in short, and that’s the collection of the Non-Revenue Water(NRW). We have close to 48% losses, or what we call the System’s loss when talking about Zamcelco. In this new deal with Manila Water, we’ll be able to bring down about 25% allowable NRW loss that’ll translate into water revenues. And, if this can be realized, then I can say, we’ll be very much in a position to serve better our water-consuming public here in our city,” Baños explained thoroughly well.

ON the Prime Water prospect, Baños bared that the renowned Villar mega water program for ZC, that’s situated in Patalon, just nearby the huge Ecozone  concession, is meant to produce a total of 50T cubic liters within the five-year timeline. “And if it goes well sans any hitches, that’ll translate into a better water supply service for all our water concessionaires,” Baños optimistically revealed.

HISTORICALLY, the ZCWD had its first filtration plant constructed in l981. Exactly 10 years later (in l991), it constructed its 2nd filtration plant also in Brgy. Pasonanca.  APPARENTLY, had there been no interruptible factors along the way, its 3rd and 4th filtration plants could have been set up by 2001 and by 2011— to follow its own envisioned massive water system improvement & development program.

“We should have been producing roughly 72,000 cubic liters by now, had there been no intervening factors,” hinted Baños.

BAÑOS said, based on latest positive developments being discussed by top water experts here, still there’s this big plan that lies ahead for the ZCWD to eventually set up its own required impounding dam that’s essential for its needed water conservation program in the near future.

“But, this is not in the immediate plan of the ZCWD,” according to Baños— stressing that its topmost priority, right now, is still for the Prime Water and Manila water to boost its water capacity system within the 2-year completion period to realize.

“This is our immediate concern, right now,” according to Baños.

“There’s not much we can do. All we can do right now, is try as much as possible to manage effectively well in our water distribution to all our water concessionaires. We want to make sure that they all can have access to our potable water. That’s the best we can do by now. We just need to help each other, because we’re all in the same boat, that even us from the ZCWD, aren’t spared at all. So, please bear with us,” the rookie but well-rounded ZCWD spokesman entreated.
 IN SHORT, though, let’s make our talk walk, right Edgar? That’s from the media’s point of view. Am I correct Ed?(30)

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