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FOLK prefer a “Climaco Vs. Lobregat” trilogy in 2016


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)
THERE’s only one thing that God can’t do, and that’s to lie. God can never lie to us, for He’s the Truth— aside being the only Way and the Life Everlasting.

AND, there’s also one thing that Satan can’t do, and that he cannot repent at all.
REPENTANCE is the only key to eternal salvation.

THE Bible says, quoting our Lord Jesus Christ: “Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand!” (Matthew 4: 17). Email:


WHO’s who out to fool us( member-consumers), as far as the obviously appalling plight of Zamcelco is concerned?


NEA is saying that Zamcelco is not ailing while SRPI is saying otherwise—meaning Zamcelco is, indeed, sick and therefore, it needs dire help, right away.

TO rise up from its possible collapse, Zamcelco, according to SRPI, needs the help of a private investors to infuse ‘blood’ into it and to make it robust and bullish, at-last.

SRPI, when its top brass appeared during the plenary session of the city council last Tuesday morning, has obliged Zamcelco’s top management( including its board of directors) to adopt its own so-called “Enhancement Program” to ensure its financial viability to SRPI that’s committed  to invest around P12 billion for the construction of its coal-fired power plant within the Ecozone’s large complex in the city’s west-coast.

Its Vice President Joseph Nocus was candid enough in telling to all and sundry that it has to protect its financial capital outlay amounting to such an enormous expenditure— and therefore, making sure that its projected Return of Investment( ROI) in the future will surely be realized.

DIST. 1 and Majority Floor-leader Charlie Mariano pulverized Zamcelco’s management under GM George Mariano for not being able to dismantle its so-called “theft syndicate” he mentioned as supposedly going on in the industrial sector—deploring in the end, as its major contributory factor in its assailed huge system’s loss( of more than 20% ).

Albeit Ledesma’s sharp denial of such serious accusation stemmed from Councilor Mariano, the latter relentlessly lampooned Zamcelco’s management for its apparent incompetency that, ironically, pales in comparison to its board of directors— reaping praises from the fiery (Dist. 1) city legislator.

“If our good councilor from district 1 knows who they are, I urge him to name names.”

Mariano fired back by saying that the ball now in the hands of Zamcelco for its top management officials and his people to find out for themselves, stressing,” I believe you know better than I do, GM George Ledesma.”

ESE pa!

THE bottom line here is to see to it that Zamceclo improves its power supply delivery to all its numerous member-consumers, certainly the ones suffering from the wrath of this current power crisis that has always been the vicious cycle ever since time immemorial whenever water shortage comes into the picture every summer days.



AS the run-up for the 2016 polls draws near, the supposed “Beng vs. Celso” face-off for the mayoralty race in our next political exercise, boils up to the rim.

AND, there are a lot of heated debates clandestinely going on amongst our folks, particularly in the barangays as to who, between these two political goliaths, will eventually come out triumphant.

“Celso will win in most barangays because of the many infra projects like schools and farm to-market roads he accomplished,” one group argued.

ANOTHER group disagreed, though: “Mayor Beng’s winnability is too much for Celso. Definitely, Celso cannot win over Beng, in the end.”

“Our Dist. 1 Cong. Celso Lobregat should better remain doing his good works in Congress. He should even run for Senator because of his good track record on the national level,” another sector prodded.

THESE contrasting views emerging on these duo are merely the scrape of the surface, as a lot more out there persist on saying that it’s now high time for both(Beng and Celso) to go on their separate ways, and prove their worth to the people.

THE Climaco- Lobregat bitter rivalry dated back in the l980’s when the late legendary Mayor Cesar “ÑOR Sar” C. Climaco and the well- endeared, too, the late Mayor Maria Clara “Caling” L. Lobregat went up against each other for the first time in that epic political matchup.

AND, Ñor Cesar easily won that one for a seat in the Batasang Pambansa, its own Congress-version during the Marcos-reigned era under his repressive Martial Law regime.

IN their second Climaco Vs. Lobregat episode that happened in the l990’s, saw the late Caling Lobregat even up the score when she stunned and won over Ñor Cesar’s own son Rini Climaco for the city’s then lone congressional seat.

The late Rini Climaco was then the city’s appointive mayor, but opted to run against Caling for the city’s lone House Representative in the Lower Chamber.

NOW, here comes the same popular cry of the Zamboangueños for a possible Climaco Vs. Lobregat trilogy in politics.

“Para sabe ya gayot c kien gayot poderoso, Lobregat ba o Climaco aki na ciudad de Zamboanga?” aba c Bogs ta tontia’ gayot.

“Hinde’ sos man encuentro, puesta pa,” c Ador yan contra cun Bogs.

“Man encuentro sos, claro gayot na mga body language di-ila,” c Bogs ya purpia.

“Na, asegurao, gana yalang mio gallo,” otro ste c Nado, yaman pa bright ya tamen.

Ampara yalang cunestos tres! (30)

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