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PNP on equal footing with AFP


(BY: REX G. MIRAVITE) The Philippine National Police (PNP) was established as a civilian agency under the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG).

The PNP is tasked to enforce all Laws of the land as provided for under the constitution and implemented through RA 6975 known as “PNP Law”
The PNP may ask the support of the AFP in performing its Task in critical areas influenced by armed and hostile groups like in the service of warrant of arrest and other dangerous police operations.

In the process of supporting the PNP in its Law Enforcement Functions the AFP has no operational control over any unit of the PNP.

Its relationship remains “Coordinative”.

The PNP must maintain its unit integrity and dignity in performing its basic law enforcement duties in urban centers which are easy to accomplish without the support of combat troops from the AFP.

The AFP units may support the PNP by deploying its troops in the outskirt to block the perceived threats of armed group to penetrate the city.

The PUMA concept (Joint Police, Marines and ARMY) doing a very simple job of enforcing special laws in urban centers make the PNP appear ineffective.

The PNP can be effective if augmented by PNP personnel from the police regional office 9. The concept as revealed by top official of Zamboanga City Police Office that during RED alert level 3 and 4 the city, Police Office has to take instruction from the highest Military commander in the area which has no basis under the constitution and RA 6975 that the PNP can be placed under the operational control of the AFP.

The AFP and the PNP are on equal footing.###

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