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CSC ruling on “Palo Alto” is baloney!


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)

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THE “Orendain” issue about his non-eligibility in public service is a baloney!

IN the first place, it was the Civil Service Commission(CSC) that bestowed Mr. Antonio G. Orendain, Jr. its own most coveted award given out every year to its most deserving # 1 gov’t employee, nationwide.

OF the 1.2 million gov’t employees, nationwide, Orendain was chosen by CSC as its # 1 civil service employee in 2005.

ORENDAIN, known as “El Palo Alto” in City Hall, beat them all!

Y aura taman disqualify kita cunele? Asta donde pa el huwisyo diaton!

THIS is just absurd and strange to learn that CSC is out to virtually strip of that honor from him, by saying that Mr. Orendain lacks the supposed required civil service eligibility to serve in public office that he has been occupying as City Administrator of ZC for more than 15 years up to now under current lady Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco-Salazar.

ORENDAIN has exemplarily served under four different mayors of this city.  He was first appointed to the said position by the late lady Mayor CalingLobregat in the later part of l990’s. After Ma’am Caling’s demise while in office in 2003, Orendain was re-appointed to the same post when then Vice Mayor Erbie Fabian( who  was later elected as Congressman in the city’s then lone congressional district),  took over as City Mayor by succession of law. When then Cong. Celso Lobregat decided to run for Mayor and won in 2004, Orendain was further picked to serve in same capacity by the victorious mayor-elect Celso L.

ORENDAIN went on a break after his unexpected defeat for City Councilor in district 1 in 2007 polls. Orendain returned to his old familiar post after the passing of the late Ely Enriquez who was Orendain’s successor when the former bowed from the council after serving his 3rd and last term as City Councilor in Dist. 1.

AND so, this is self-explanatory why Orendain is more than qualified to serve up to now as the city administrator of ZC.

NOW, I’ll pose this challenge to the CSC here in Reg. 9. Will you also use that power, under your supposed new CSC Ruling, to disqualify the sure many others in same predicament as that of Mr. Orendain?

I’M pretty convinced that many out there in the provinces, cities and/or municipalities-- by virtue of the appointing authority of the LGUs’ elected chief executives, and therefore such posts are co-terminus to that of the elective chief executives--- lack also the supposed required civil service eligibility.

WHAT I know of, that this issue which triggered CSC’s change of heart, so to speak, in coming up with this type of CSC Ruling, was the result of a recent verdict that decided upon a controversial case involving a newly-passed barrister who lacked the required 5-year management experience in public service. That novice lawyer eventually was disqualified to sit as City Administrator in one city situated in Ilocos, Luzon.

HOWEVER, the Orendain case is much different from that of a fresh law practitioner. While Orendain has had vast experience in public service, the lawyer in question, on the contrary, has none, at all.

SO, why the heck compare Orendain’s case as synthetic as that of the lawyer in question, huh?

THIS is not fair at all to our Palo Alto here who has given his best years in public service all throughout, only to say that he’s not that eligible, at all.

AS I said, this is all baloney!(30)

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